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Questions : What languages do you offer your front- & backend in?

Current QuestionsCategory: Getting StartedWhat languages do you offer your front- & backend in?
Anonymous asked 5 years ago

What languages do you offer your front- & backend in?

Sandra Levarek replied 4 years ago

Can we have tours in other languages to show up on the 2nd language offered on our site. We have Italian tours advertised in Italy from our site as well as the ENGLISH tours. If we copy exactly what we have in ENGLISH for the ITALIAN Inventory, how can we distinguish the code in WordPress for that page that lists these tours. So one part of the site is ENGLISH with a list of tours in English. AND then we offer the exact same tours in ITALIAN.

Is this even possible?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

2 Answers
Rezgo answered 5 years ago

Rezgo is currently available in English only.  You can enter in other languages as content, but the interface elements and labels remain in English.  If you wish to localize the interface, you can do so using a custom template in WordPress or by customizing the front-end using the open source parser.

Rezgo answered 4 years ago

If you add a tag to your inventory for language, for example “it” for Italian and “en” for English, then you can show your English language tours on one page and your Italian language tours on another tour.  You will need to use the shortcode with the tag specified.  You can find out more about advanced short codes here: