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When customers leave your booking website without completing their booking, you can send automatically send them a reminder email to return to their cart and finish checking out. This email will be sent one day after they finish updating their cart.

First, navigate to Settings in your Rezgo menu.

1. Click System Configuration.

2. Under Purchasing, toggle Cart Abandon Emails on.


You can customize the subject and contents of the email under Notifications You Send.

Please note that cart abandonment emails will only be sent if the following conditions are met:

  • You’ve activated your Rezgo website.
  • The customer has entered and submitted a valid email address
  • The cart hasn’t been completed
  • All items in the cart are still available.

Cart reminders won’t be sent for carts that contain options with booked-for dates in the past, options with insufficient availability to be booked, or open-availability items.