Connecting You With Your Customers



The Simplest Path To Purchase

Tour and activity businesses can be complicated, but booking should always be easy. That’s why, no matter how complex your business can be, Rezgo makes it simple and convenient to take bookings through the web, on location, and even by phone or email.

And that ease of use isn’t just for your customers. Every ounce of care we put into ensuring that the customer booking process is clear, convenient and optimized also goes into making sure you and your staff can get more done in less time. However your customers book, Rezgo will help make their experience a delight.


Online Bookings, Everywhere

Your online booking software’s most important job is ensuring that your customers can find and book your tours and activities anywhere, anytime.

With Rezgo, you can customize a mobile-friendly booking website to get started quickly, or make use of a robust open-source API, WordPress plugin or widget for seamless integration. Behind each one you’ll find industry-leading reliability to ensure you’re never left unprepared.

Rezgo online booking system screen

Custom White Label

Sell through the web with a customized white-label booking website.

WordPress Plugin

Integrate directly with your company’s website with the Rezgo WordPress plugin.

Open Source API

Develop in-house booking solutions powered by Rezgo with our robust API.

Booking Widget

Take bookings anywhere with our convenient embeddable booking widget.

Mobile Bookings

Your customers can enjoy the same optimized booking experience on any device.

Screen Global Payments Gateways


Global Payment Gateway Support

Rezgo makes it easy for you to accept credit card payments by supporting many of the leading global payment gateways.


Secure Payment Requests

Take secure online payments for bookings from any source with convenient payment requests, and you’ll never need to ask for another credit card number over the phone.

Feature Point of Sale Screen


Point Of Sale

A flexible back-office booking solution that allows you, your staff and your agents to sell your experiences and merchandise quickly and easily. Never overbook another event with the power of Rezgo’s point of sale.

Dynamic Pricing

Automatically adjust pricing based on any number of factors, including date, availability, bundles, promo codes and more.

Live Availability

Defeat overbooking by automatically checking every new booking against live, up-to-the-moment availability.

Custom Forms

Gather all the information you need to make your guest experience flawless and delightful.

Open Availability

Offer inventory that can be booked without a date and used when the customer is ready.


Manage notifications, waivers, booking status and more, all without lifting a finger.



Give your guests something to remember their experience by and boost your ancillary income with Rezgo’s flexible merchandise system.

Feature Gift Card Booking System


Gift Cards

Offer convenient gifts and protect your bottom line from refunds with customizable gift cards.


Flexible Pricing

Pricing is a complex matter, so Rezgo gets out of your way and lets you handle it however you need. With native support for 120+ local currencies and flexible support for any combination of taxes and fees, you can adapt your pricing to any situation.

Feature Booking System Screen


Choose the local currency that works best for your business from our list of 120+ supported global currencies.

Taxes & Fees

Create custom taxes and fees that can be bundled, added to inventory, and calculated additively or multiplicatively as needed.

Dynamic Pricing

Adjust pricing automatically by any number of factors, including date, capacity, promo codes and more.


Charge extra for optional add-ons with your inventory, and bundle merchandise with your events in the point of sale.

Price Sheets

Create price sheets for users or resellers to add commissions, net-rate pricing, markups, discounts and more.


More Benefits


Complete Security

We maintain rigorous security standards for our software and our policies to ensure the safety of data entrusted to us by you and your customers. Rezgo is fully PCI compliant, and that’s just the start of our commitment to keeping your data and payments safe and fraud-free.


Unmatched Reliability

With layers of redundancy and infrastructure designed for speed, security and responsiveness, Rezgo is always here when you need it, offering unrivaled uptime and service your business can rely on in every situation.


Personalized Support

At Rezgo, we have an in-house team of experts ready to offer direct support, customer success specialists to help you get the most out of your account, and a comprehensive knowledgebase for instructions at your fingertips.