Booking system for Lessons




Booking System for Lessons

Your lessons are amazing, so let us help you get them in front of your audience so you can drive direct bookings anywhere, any time. Rezgo makes availability and booking management easy so you can focus on offering the lessons you love.


Surf Lessons

Let Rezgo handle waivers, class bookings, booknig confirmations, notifications, and open-date gift cards, so you can get your surf lesson students out on the waves sooner. Benefit from a booking system designed for ocean activities of all kinds, with private lessons, group lessons, instructor management, and more.


Ski Schools

Spend more time on the slopes with class booking software that manages everything you and your customers need, like class sizes, equipment rentals, flexible reservations, and instructor management. Rezgo is the perfect booking system for winter classes, including snowboarding lessons, group lessons, and private lessons.


Photography Lessons

Save time managing your photography lessons with Rezgo. Keep track of your students with interactive manifests, simplify your job with automated confirmations, and adapt to changing conditions with easy event messaging. Get your lessons the exposure they deserve with a booking system built for your business.


Top Features for Lesson Providers

Rezgo is designed to help you run your lessons efficiently, with automation that will save you time, data and analytics to help you keep track of what matters, and booking management that gives you freedom and flexibility.

Get it all when you sign up for free.

Event Messaging

Contact your students to keep them informed about last-minute schedule changes, unexpected conditions, or anything you need.

Daily Manifest

Find out who’s attending your lessons, confirm their payments and waivers, and check them in on the spot with our event manifest.


Manage rentals, instructor availability, capacity, and equipment in multiple locations with industry-leading resource management tools.


Here’s What Our Clients Say


“Seamless Integration

We implemented Rezgo 4 years ago to our website for surf lesson bookings. We love the seamless integration to our website, and our customers love the simple bookability of the process. Quick to create and implement new products, simple for clients to book into.

Illawarra Surf Academy


“Simple to Use, Easy to Learn

We have been using Rezgo for many years and are extremely happy and satisfied with our choice of online booking platform. It is super simple to use, easy to learn and understand, easy to add new inventory, easy to set up Gift Cards which can be used for bookings, really simple to navigate and just a great system to use. We cannot recommend Rezgo highly enough.”

Walkin On Water Surf School


Any Questions?

  • Can I create interactive lessons on Rezgo?

    No. Rezgo is a booking system for lessons, not learning management software. Rezgo is perfect for businesses that offer scheduled lessons, group classes, equipment rentals, and even virtual events, but we don’t have support for interactive online lessons.

    If you’re wondering about learning how to use Rezgo, we do have interactive onboarding tools to get you started. Talk to our sales team to find out more!

  • How does your booking platform help instructors communicate with students?

    It’s easy to reach out to your students with Rezgo. You can message everyone booked in for any event via automated emails or SMS (additional charges apply), so you can keep them up to date on last-minute changes and reduce no-shows.

    You can also automate notifications. Without any extra effort on your part, your students will receive confirmations, check-in details and review requests that you’ve customized and personalized, and you can also add custom messages for anything you need to be sent at specified intervals before or after your event.

  • Can you manage or assign instructors?

    Yes. With Rezgo, you can assign instructors to inventory, or you can assign them to individual events. For example, if one of your instructors always handles your advanced classes, you can assign them to all advanced classes going forward. This also lets you easily block off those classes if they’re going to be away.

    Or, if you want to assign a particular instructor to a single Wednesday night class, you can do that as well, rostering them in after the fact. Either way, you can easily see where any of your instructors’ are assigned with our helpful resource calendar.

  • Do you have a free trial period?

    Rezgo is always free to try–you don’t need to worry about running out of time to test it out or get set up. Once you start taking bookings, we’ll start billing you for a small transaction fee monthly (learn more about our pricing here), but until then, it’s completely free to use.

    If you choose to pass your booking fee onto your students, you can also let them cover your costs.

  • Do you have online training for Rezgo? Can I learn it on my own?

    If you want to learn how to use Rezgo, we offer interactive onboarding support in our app as well as the option of scheduled appointments with our onboarding team. Rezgo is easy to learn, but a little help can go a long way toward setting you on the path to online booking success.

    Once you’re set up with Rezgo, our in-house support team can help you with any questions you might have as you go. We also offer many self-serve support resources including live group training sessions, how-to videos, a comprehensive knowledge base, and more.