Booking Software for Adventure Companies




Booking System for Adventure Companies

Your adventures are amazing, so let us help you get them in front of a global audience and drive direct bookings anywhere in real time. Rezgo makes availability and online booking management easy for adventure companies, so you can focus on the things you love.


Whale Watching

Make sure your customers’ moments of awe are matched with Rezgo’s seamless customer experience. Rezgo offers digital waivers, resource management tools to help you allocate guides and boats efficiently, easy ticketing and check ins, informative event manifests, and so much more–so you can be sure you have everything your marine tours need.


River Rafting

Whether you’re offering the thrill of white water rafting adventures or calmer scenic rafting tours, our online booking software can help. Control capacity and offer easy rentals with an easy-to-use resource management system and protect your business and your customers with built-in digital waivers.


Zipline & Bungee

Make sure your guests feel confident and safe from the moment they book with you until the moment they’re soaring through the air by using online booking software designed to provide a smooth and convenient booking process. With tools like digital waivers and automated notifications that can help you keep your business safe and your guests informed, Rezgo is the booking system you need.



Boating & Kayaking

Take your boating tours and kayaking groups to the next level with online booking software that offers everything from instructor management to easy rentals. Rezgo offers the flexibility you need to adapt to changing conditions while keeping your customers safe, informed, and having an amazing experience.



A good expedition takes a lot of preparation, so your online booking software should help you and your customers prepare. Rezgo makes it easy to communicate with your customers, and has everything you need to build the expeditions of their dreams, with powerful packaging tools, automated notifications, digital waivers, and a lot more.



Wildlife Tours

The wilderness isn’t always predictable, but you should know what to expect from your booking system: reliability, flexibility, and tools that suit your needs. Digital waivers, automated notifications, and customizable packages are just a few ways Rezgo serves wildlife tour providers.



Multi-Day Adventures

Multi-day adventures are a complex undertaking, but Rezgo makes it simple. We offer the tools you need to put together amazing adventure packages, with customizable itineraries and resource management to allocate your guides and vehicles. Ensure your guided tours stand out with a customer booking experience that can’t be beat.



Top Features for Adventure Companies

Rezgo is designed to help you run your adventure business efficiently, with automation that will save you time, data and analytics to help you keep track of what matters, and booking management that gives you freedom and flexibility.

Get it all when you sign up for free.


Offer combos, discounts and multi-day, multi-event bookings using packages and itineraries.

Digital Waivers

Protect your business and keep your guests informed of risks with a fully-integrated waiver system.


Manage rentals, resources and capacity in every situation with resource management tools.


Here’s What Our Clients Say


“More Than Satisfied

Even though it is technically our off season, we have already gotten bookings we wouldn’t without the online booking. We are more than satisfied with Rezgo’s product and looking forward to continuing to expand our online offerings as Rezgo’s technology continues to expand.”

Columbia River Kayaking


“Rezgo never disappoints us

Rezgo is always willing to have honest and transparent conversations about what is going well and what is not. We rely on their team and Rezgo never disappoints us. They provided us with all the expertise and support we needed to get started – we knew with everything we had to gain; it was a no-brainer. Rezgo became an invaluable partner, and the value of that relationship is priceless.”

Safari West


“Fast response, always ready to help

One of the most important feature of Rezgo for us would have to be the customer service, which has always been top notch.

Fast response, always ready to help. Also, Rezgo’s features are always advancing and keeping up with current technology. We especially like the payment gateway options and the ongoing commitment to teaming up with big agencies overseas like Viator.

Waiatoto River Safari


Any Questions?

  • Can I customize pricing and offer dynamic pricing options for my adventure activities based on factors like seasonality or demand?

    Yes. Rezgo’s adventure software offers a few ways to customize your pricing. Using dynamic pricing rules is an easy way to adjust your pricing for seasonality, offer early-bird pricing or last-minute rates, and otherwise tweak your pricing.

    If you want to adjust prices with more granularity, Rezgo’s price sheets give you even more control. They let you adjust any or all of your inventory prices based on date ranges, users, resellers, and more.

  • Do I need to pay extra to use waivers?

    No, waivers are fully integrated into Rezgo, so you don’t need to sign up for a separate service to protect your business. Once you enable waivers on your inventory, customers will be asked to sign when they book or they’ll be sent waiver requests with their other confirmations.

  • Can my customers sign waivers in advance?

    Of course. Depending on how your inventory is set up and how your customers book, they’ll either be asked to sign a waiver during checkout or be sent waivers they can sign on their own devices.

    Since customers might forget to sign in a timely fashion, Rezgo can also send out automatic reminders as the day of their event approaches. If all else fails, you can also require that they sign their waivers when they arrive.

  • My activities need to be configured in a specific way. Does your Outdoor booking software support my use case?

    Almost definitely. Rezgo is extremely flexible, so it can be configured to support just about any type of event or activity, no matter how you manage your capacity and sales.

    The best way to find out if Rezgo is right for you is to book a demo and talk to our sales team. They can get you the answers you need and explain how our booking software will work best for your business

  • Is there a limit to the number of adventures I can list on your booking platform?

    No. A booking system isn’t any good if you can’t use it. At Rezgo, we want you to succeed, so you can list all the inventory you have, take all the bookings you can get, and keep your system secure by setting up all the user accounts you need. We’re not here to hold you back with restrictive pricing tiers, we’re here to help you thrive.