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When you sell merchandise through Rezgo, there are two ways to fulfill a merchandise purchase. In many cases, you’ll create a booking, give the customer their merchandise, print a receipt, and be done. But what if you want to give customers vouchers that allow them to claim their merchandise elsewhere, or at a later time? In that case, you’d use merchandise vouchers.

To use merchandise vouchers, make sure to toggle “Redeemable” on when you create your merchandise.

Once you’ve created a booking with redeemable merchandise in the point of sale, you can print or get a link to the merchandise voucher like you would for booking or order tickets. These vouchers use your Merchandise Voucher template.

Redeeming Merchandise Vouchers

When the customer comes to claim their merchandise, there are two ways to redeem the voucher.

The first is through your custom check-in link or Rezgo Scan. When you check in a merchandise voucher, it will be redeemed–or let you know if it’s already been redeemed.

You can also redeem a voucher from its booking. First, visit the booking’s details page.

1. Find the merchandise you want to redeem on the booking, and click its action button.

2. Click Redeem Voucher.

3. Click OK to redeem the voucher.

The redemption will be tracked in your check-in report.