Booking Software for Transportation




Booking System for Transportation

You’re the best at getting passengers from point A to point B, so let’s get your services in front of a global audience. With Rezgo, you can drive direct bookings anywhere, any time. Rezgo makes availability and booking management easy so you can focus on giving your passengers the best possible journeys to their destinations.


Transfers & Chauffeurs

Transportation can offer logistical challenges, and we have solutions. Rezgo offers lightning-fast check ins, interactive manifests, pick-up locations and more, so you can get people where they need to go.



Manage your ferry bookings with ease with Rezgo. Improve your booking process and boarding experience with straightforward digital ticketing, manage time slots and capacity in real time, save time with automation, and communicate changing conditions on the fly. Stop worrying about overbookings and start making your life easier with a booking system that works for ferry companies like yours.



Taking online bookings couldn’t be easier. Rezgo simplifies your ticketing and notifications, makes check-ins a breeze, and keeps your operations on track. Offer seats in every class, vacation packages, add-ons and so much more.



Top Features for Transportation Providers

Rezgo is designed to help you run your transporation business efficiently, with automation that will save you time, data and analytics to help you keep track of what matters, and booking management that gives you freedom and flexibility.

Get it all when you sign up for free.

Trip Messaging

Contact your passengers to keep them informed about last-minute schedule changes, unexpected conditions, or anything you need.

Daily Manifest

Find out who needs a ride, confirm their payments and waivers, and check them in on the spot with our event manifest.

Check-In App

Instantly check in passengers, confirm their booking and waiver status, and keep your lines moving with Rezgo Scan.


Here’s What Our Clients Say


“Very Easy to Use 

We have been using Rezgo for over 2 years now and it has been extremely helpful. Rezgo is a very easy to use tool for us and our customers, has enable us to provide more options to our clients and it’s just easier to do business as an international company.

Ultimate Rides


“Beautifully Simple

The system itself makes very complicated things beautifully simple but the real test is when we have new challenges to face for virtual tours. We have no plans to ever change from Rezgo, despite our growing demand as we offer multiple tours in well over 10 languages. Thank you Rezgo!”

Bible Tours UK


“Efficient and Reliable

I’ve been a Rezgo user for our booking software since 2019. I find it easy to navigate and is very user friendly. If I request help from the support team, they are efficient, and reliable. Rezgo and the support team make my job as a Tour Coordinator run very smoothly for bookings. I’d highly recommend the Rezgo software.”

Homalco Wildlife & Cultural Tours


Any Questions?

  • Can I customize my capacity and pricing on your platform?

    Yes. Rezgo lets you customize your availability and pricing, and it also lets you control availability and pricing dynamically, factoring in staffing, vehicle availability, date, day of the week, distance from the booking date, season and much more.

  • Is there a limit to the number of trips I can list on your platform?

    No. Rezgo doesn’t limit your trips, bookings or users, and we don’t restrict how much you can use the system with subscriptions or pricing tiers. With Rezgo, you can take unlimited bookings, have as many users as you need, and load up all your shuttles, boats and trips.

  • Can I manage or assign drivers or crew to my trips?

    Yes. With Rezgo, you can assign staff to inventory, or you can assign them to individual events. For example, if one of your drivers always handles your evening airport transfers, you can assign them to all evening trips going forward. This also lets you easily block off those trips if they’re going to be away.

    Or, if you want to assign a particular crew member to a single Wednesday night trip, you can do that as well, rostering them in after the fact. Either way, you can easily see where any of your staff are assigned with our helpful resource calendar.

    Rezgo isn’t staff scheduling software, but it makes it easy to ensure all your trips are properly staffed and ready to go.

  • Can I offer bundled return trips with Rezgo?

    Yes, Rezgo allows you to set up inventory bundles that include more than one option, so you can pair trips to and from destinations for your customers. If you’d like, you can offer discounts on bundled trips — but whether you discount your bundles or not, you can offer a standard price with an easy to understand booking flow.

    Rezgo’s bundles also let you configure common sense limitations, like how many hours must pass between a booked departure and return trip.

  • Do you have online training for Rezgo? Can I learn it on my own?

    If you want to learn how to use Rezgo, we offer interactive onboarding support in our app as well as the option of scheduled appointments with our onboarding team. Rezgo is easy to learn, but a little help can go a long way toward setting you on the path to online booking success. For businesses with complex needs, we also offer advanced onboarding packages.

    Once you’re set up with Rezgo, our in-house support team can help you with any questions you might have as you go. We also offer many self-serve support resources including live group training sessions, how-to videos, a comprehensive knowledge base, and more.