Let Your Business Manage Itself




Save Time With Automation That Works

You have enough to do from day to day—you don’t want to waste time micro-managing every part of your booking system, too. Rezgo is designed to stay out of your way as much as possible, automating the tedious parts of your job and keeping you informed of everything you need to know.


Inventory Management

You shouldn’t have to babysit your inventory. With Rezgo, you can make advanced adjustments across as much of your inventory as you need with dynamic pricing, availability, and notification management. You can also easily manage your capacity and pricing across resellers and distribution partners.

Inventory Management Screen

Dynamic Availability

Automatically set your availability based on any number of factors, including date range, day of the week, shared resources, and more.

Dynamic Pricing

Let your pricing vary based on season, price sheets, promo codes, time until the event, and many other factors

Resource Management

Adjust your availability with dynamic management of resources like vehicles, rentals or available staff.


Use our channel management tools to control your availability and pricing and manage bookings across major OTAs and distribution partners.


Customize notifications to go out to staff, guests and partners based on an assortment of inventory and booking-related triggers.

User Access Booking System


User Access

Allow your staff and agents to securely access Rezgo with no restrictions or extra fees for as many user accounts as you need.


Track your users’ key performance indicators – their bookings, transactions, commissions, upsells and more.

Locations & Sales Desks

If you have more than one location, you can manage and report on the users, desks and stock in each of them.

Opening & Closing

Ensure your locations are well-cared for with proper opening and closing procedures including accurate cash and stock counts.


Use advanced settings to ensure your users manage their bookings exactly as you need.



The security of your data is important to us, and we know it’s important to you. Because your data is only as secure as your weakest password, we’ve taken steps to ensure that you can enforce top-of-the-line security for everyone who accesses your system.

Security Booking System Screen

Security Policies

Ensure every user has a password that meets your security standards, and that they change it as often as you’d like.

Multifactor Authentication

Make absolutely sure the only people accessing your Rezgo account are the ones you’ve chosen to let in.

Permission Levels

Give users access to the exact parts of the system they need to do their best work while restricting the functions they don’t.

Activity Logging

Mistakes happen. Our activity logging keeps them from happening twice by giving you all the information you need about what went wrong.

Data Security

Rezgo’s technology and internal policies are designed with industry-leading security to protect your data and your customers’ data at every level.

Booking Management Screen


Booking Management

Getting a booking shouldn’t leave you with a bunch of extra busywork. Rezgo’s automation seamlessly handles the post-booking details so you can focus on giving your guests an experience they’ll want to rave about.


Send automated waivers that are customized by the inventory item being booked, so you can get the signatures you need to protect your business.


Automatically notify your guests and staff of every important change to a booking or event.


Automatically generate daily interactive manifests filtered by event, so you can check over and check in your guests in a flash.

Verified Reviews

After an event is done, send out an automated review request to every guest who attended—and get notified if there’s a review that needs a reply.

Payment Requests

No more taking credit cards over the phone. With Rezgo, you can send a secure online payment request for any booking.


More Benefits


Complete Security

We maintain rigorous security standards for our software and our policies to ensure the safety of data entrusted to us by you and your customers. Rezgo is fully PCI compliant, and that’s just the start of our commitment to keeping your data and payments safe and fraud-free.


Unmatched Reliability

With layers of redundancy and infrastructure designed for speed, security and responsiveness, Rezgo is always here when you need it, offering unrivaled uptime and service your business can rely on in every situation.


Personalized Support

At Rezgo, we have an in-house team of experts ready to offer direct support, customer success specialists to help you get the most out of your account, and a comprehensive knowledgebase for instructions at your fingertips.