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All Your Sales Channels In One Place

Online booking is just one piece of the activity distribution ecosystem. Whether you maintain a complex system of vendors and resellers or you want to expand to a few new distributors, Rezgo is here to support you.

When you manage your inventory in Rezgo, you manage it for every channel at your disposal: major distributors, resellers, concierges and others, all sharing your availability and your pricing.


Distribution Partners

While Rezgo makes it simple to distribute your tours and activities directly to your customers, you may also want the reach of an OTA at your disposal. That’s why we’ve partnered with the top OTAs in the industry.

Once you have an OTA relationship, it’s easy to connect your Rezgo inventory to your distributor so you can manage all your sales channels in one convenient location.

*Some distribution partnerships coming soon, contact our sales team for details.

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Concierge Services Screen


Concierge Services

Working with concierges has never been easier. With features developed for national networks, Rezgo supports concierge relationships at any scale, from basic referral management to maintaining hundreds of sales desks at any number of locations.


Track referrals or integrate commissions directly into your point-of-sale bookings.

Price Sheets

Create unique availability pools with contract or net-rate pricing and commission support.

Desks & Locations

Track bookings, cash and stock at all your sales desks and locations, wherever they may be.


Prepare accurate, up-to-the-minute reports for all your concierge activities and payouts.


Ancillary Income

Tours and activities are the core of your business, but there’s always room to expand. With Rezgo, you can grow your income with an industry-leading merchandise system, expand your reach with referrals, and encourage customers to keep coming back for more.

Ancillary Income Screen


Track and report on the origins of your bookings as part of your referral system.

Gift Cards

Secure sales before a customer is ready to book or make experiences into a perfect gift.


Sell and track stock directly through Rezgo and link your merchandise with your activities.


Upsell merchandise, round trips, bundles and more.

Abandoned Carts

Win back lost sales with automated cart abandonment emails.

Resell Activities Screen


Resell Activities

Resellers offer vital partnerships for any tour and activity business, and Rezgo lets you take them further. By working with resellers or suppliers within the Rezgo ecosystem, you can access a powerful behind-the-scenes system that lets resellers import inventory with customizable listings, live availability pools and personalized markups.

Inventory Export

Share inventory with the click of a button, complete with all the data your reseller needs.

Live Availability

Let your resellers access live availability to prevent overbookings.

Dynamic Pricing

Resellers use your dynamic pricing and add their own markups as needed.

Full Customization

Resellers can customize inventory listings to suit their own sales style.


More Benefits


Complete Security

We maintain rigorous security standards for our software and our policies to ensure the safety of data entrusted to us by you and your customers. Rezgo is fully PCI compliant, and that’s just the start of our commitment to keeping your data and payments safe and fraud-free.


Unmatched Reliability

With layers of redundancy and infrastructure designed for speed, security and responsiveness, Rezgo is always here when you need it, offering unrivaled uptime and service your business can rely on in every situation.


Personalized Support

At Rezgo, we have an in-house team of experts ready to offer direct support, customer success specialists to help you get the most out of your account, and a comprehensive knowledgebase for instructions at your fingertips.