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Rezgo Helps Tour and Activity Businesses Thrive

Rezgo works great for experiences of any size, at any scale.


Tour Companies

Your tours are amazing, so let us help you get them in front of a global audience and drive direct bookings anywhere, any time. Rezgo makes availability and booking management easy so you can focus on the things you love.


Adventure Companies

Providing the adventure of a lifetime takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work. We’re here to help you manage resources, get waivers signed, and keep your customers informed of any bumps along the way.



Your students are eager to learn, and Rezgo can help make that happen. Daily manifests mean you’ll always know who to expect. Offer gift cards for classes. And accept easy drop-ins with open availability items.



With Rezgo, you can wow your guests even before they step through your doors. Give them an exceptional experience buying tickets online, on mobile, or at the gate, in advance or that same day—no matter how they do it, ticketing is always secure and efficient.




Transportation can offer logistical challenges, and we have solutions. Rezgo offers lightning-fast check ins, interactive manifests, pick-up locations and more, so you can get people where they need to go.


Tourism Organizations

You need to keep on top of everything: inventory from disparate providers, invoicing and commissions, different pricing for different agents, and so many accounting requirements. Rezgo’s got you covered with our robust suite of enterprise features.


What Our Customers Have To Say

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