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Rezgo 12.1: Sell More Gift Cards for the Holidays (and Beyond)

The holidays are fast approaching, so to help you make your holiday sales merry and bright, we’ve introduced two gift-giving features in Rezgo’s latest update.
Written By | Nissa Campbell

End of Season Strategies for Tour and Activity Operators

Our Customer Success team has put together steps you can take  in your Rezgo account to successfully wrap up your season, ensuring you’ve prepared for success next season, too. 
Written By | Val Pleym

Booking Confirmations That Will Make Your Tour and Activity Business Stand Out

Booking confirmation emails and their content are a critical part of the customer journey.  They are among the most essential methods for building brand awareness, trust and engagement. When properly executed, these emails can inspire, comfort and excite your guests. Have fun with your notifications–and don’t forget to add your own flare. 
Written By | Val Pleym

11 Ways to Avoid Burnout as a Tour and Activity Operator

As a tourism operator, it’s natural to become preoccupied designing, selling and fulfilling trips for your customers, sometimes at the expense of your work/life balance.  It’s not surprising that wearing as many hats as you do makes you susceptible to experiencing burnout, but we can help.
Written By | Val Pleym

Rezgo 12: Resource Management, Packages, Rentals, and More

Rezgo 12 brings two major new systems: resource management and packaging. It also includes customer-selectable start times, new branding options, ticket templates, and more.
Written By | Nissa Campbell

8 Revenue-Generating Tourism Rental Ideas for 2022

A growing number of people, especially Millennials and Gen Zers, recognize that renting something—not just a home or car, but almost anything they need or want—can be easier and make more financial sense than buying and owning it. This has driven demand for businesses that enable people to rent the things they need, from tools […]
Written By | Rob Mathison

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