Booking System for Attractions




Booking System for Attractions

Your experiences are amazing, so let us help you get them in front of a global audience and drive direct bookings anywhere, any time. Rezgo makes availability and booking management easy so you can focus on the things you love.


Park & Events

Make your park and event reservations easy with Rezgo’s straightforward ticket sales and the flexibility of mobile check-ins. And take your guest experience even further: add-ons and custom pricing tiers make it easy to offer VIP tickets and unique experiences so your guests can enjoy their day to the fullest.

Attractions Ticketing and Booking Software dashboard
Attractions ticketing platform check-in dashboard



Rezgo’s online booking system has the flexibility your museum needs. Ticket sales and easy check-ins are just the start. You can easily manage your reservations, offer private events, simplify your customer management and resource allocation, and provide your visitors with an amazing experience long before they even walk through your doors.


Virtual Tours

Your virtual tours need to stand out from the crowd, so sign up for the best online ticket sales platform around. Effortlessly care for your customers with virtual reservations, automated notifications, custom messaging, scheduled review requests, and easy online payments.


Attractions software reporting dashboard

Attractions booking system calendar



When customers are lining up to visit your landmark, you can’t waste time on shoddy booking software. Elevate your customer experience with easy ticket sales and reservations online and in person, mobile ticketing  system with lightning-fast check ins, and more.


Seasonal Events

Since you don’t pay unless you’re taking bookings, Rezgo is perfect for seasonal events. Manage your ticket sales and capacity, speed up arrivals with mobile check ins, and get ready for the rush with the customer management tools you need.


Attractions Ticketing system notifications


Top Features for Attractions

Rezgo is designed to help you run your attractions efficiently, with automation that will save you time, data and analytics to help you keep track of what matters, and booking management that gives you freedom and flexibility.

Get it all when you sign up for free.


Automatically provide guests with customizable print and mobile tickets or vouchers for groups of any size.

Check-in App

Instantly check in guests, confirm their status, and keep your lines moving with Rezgo Scan or our interactive manifest.


Boost your ancillary income with a flexible merchandise system with stock management and customized variations.


Here’s What Our Clients Say


“Beautifully Simple

The system itself makes very complicated things beautifully simple but the real test is when we have new challenges to face for virtual tours. We have no plans to ever change from Rezgo, despite our growing demand as we offer multiple tours in well over 10 languages. Thank you Rezgo!”

Bible Tours UK


“Rezgo Wins Every Time

With Rezgo, we have more engagement with our guests, building long-term relationships with some. We receive payment immediately without having to chase it down from DMCs and retailers. Rezgo’s management, marketing and tech support have been by our side all the way, providing help with best practices and new features. We compare regularly with other offerings in the market, but Rezgo wins every time.”

Phare, The Cambodian Circus


“Valuable Tool

We have been using Rezgo as our tour booking software for nearly 4 years and have been very pleased. As we evolve and grow our offerings, Rezgo has been there every step of the way offering unlimited support and guidance. Rezgo provides many solutions to help us manage our tour operations and is a valuable tool that we all find easy to use.”

Royal Canadian Mint


“Fantastic Experience

Major improvement that Rezgo has brought to our business is the ability to create custom Price Sheets that allow us to offer different pricing for each ticket based on the channel it is being sold on. This streamlined our inventory management and has saved us a significant amount of time. Overall, working with Rezgo has been a fantastic experience. Their customer care team is exceptional, their management  team is first-rate, and their programming/dev team work miracles.

Kissimmee Guest Services


Any Questions?

  • Can I sell tickets to public and private events on your booking platform?

    Yes, Rezgo is perfect for selling tickets for both public and private events. For public events, you can sell set time slots or let your customers choose from start times in set intervals. You can also offer open date bookings and all-day bookings.

    For private events, you can restrict capacity and offer unlisted events through private links, over the phone, in person, by email, or through any method you’d like. If you want to take online payments for bookings that aren’t made on your website, Rezgo makes that easy with secure online payment requests.

    And no matter how you take your bookings, Rezgo will ensure your guests get their tickets in a timely fashion and will enjoy a smooth, contactless experience from start to finish.

  • How can I integrate your booking software with my website?

    There are a few ways to integrate Rezgo with your company’s website. Which one is best for you will depend on a few factors:

    • What type of website do you have right now?
    • How technical is your team? Do you have anyone who can set up a WordPress plugin or integrate an API?
    • How quickly do you want to start taking online bookings?
    • How customized do you want your booking website to be?

    The simplest way to integrate Rezgo with your website is to put a “Book Now” link on your website and link it to your Rezgo white label booking page. The Rezgo white label booking website works as soon as you activate your account, and it dynamically includes all your public events. With that, you can start taking bookings from the moment your inventory is loaded into your account.

    If you want something more complex, we recommend the Rezgo WordPress plugin. It will allow you to integrate your booking pages into your website however you’d like. We also offer a widget for simpler integrations, and a full API for highly-customized integrations.

  • Do I need to be technical to use your booking software?

    No, you don’t need any particular technical skills to use Rezgo. Rezgo works right out of the box. Loading up your inventory is easy, and we offer a lot of guidance, from self-serve documentation to hands-on onboarding support–whatever you need. You can even integrate Rezgo with your website with minimal technical knowledge by using our white label booking website or booking widget.

    If you want to customize the design of your booking website or emails, you’ll need someone with an understanding of HTML and CSS. And if you want to create a fully customized website integration, you’ll need someone who can integrate our WordPress plugin or API.

  • Does Rezgo work for languages other than English?

    While Rezgo’s software is offered in English, you can set up your booking site in any language you want. In the Rezgo admin, you can enter your content in the language of your choice. With the Rezgo WordPress plugin and a customized template, you can translate all the labels and displayed content as needed.

    While you can customize your email templates as well, some dynamic notification content loaded from Rezgo will be displayed in English.

  • Do you offer any marketing opportunities for attractions?

    Of course. While Rezgo isn’t a marketing service, we’re here to help you thrive. Rezgo frequently offers marketing tips and guides through our blog, videos and webinars. We also offer a search and mobile optimized booking website to help you reach a larger audience. Our customer success team can help you with other marketing opportunities, including integrations with OTAs and services like Google Things To Do.