Helping Tour and Activity Providers Thrive




Rezgo Puts Clients First

We began developing Rezgo to serve a need: tour operators wanted to manage their tours and take bookings online, but there was no web-based reservation system designed just for them. Our experienced development team set out to solve that problem, and we’ve kept that customer focus at the core of our business ever since.

From our founding, Rezgo has operated independently, with a team that’s laser-focused on making the best possible software for tour, activity and experience providers. We work with our clients to craft innovative features that meet their real-world needs and solve everyday problems.


Our Mission

We’re here to help tour and activity providers thrive by giving them the tools and guidance they need to work efficiently and expand their business.

Our Core Values


We create solutions that solve our clients’ problems rather than following our competition or checking boxes.


We’ve built a sustainable business so we can provide our clients with reliable services under any circumstances.


We’re open and up front. If our solutions can’t help a client or a feature isn’t right for Rezgo, we don’t force it.


Our Philosophy

We succeed when our clients succeed, but that’s only half of it—our clients rely on Rezgo, too. That’s why we offer a payment model that works for our clients even during off seasons or slow times. No one should struggle to pay for pricey booking software when they’re not taking bookings.

That’s also why we refuse to compromise on the important things. When other companies have made tough choices to maintain their bottom lines, we’ve continued to develop flexible new tools, to offer personalized support, and to provide industry-leading reliability. We’ve been through the tourism industry’s ups and downs and we know how to come through stronger. That’s what it takes to help our clients thrive.


Our Leadership

June Ohashi

Founder and CEO

June was born and raised in Japan. Having developed a strong work ethic and zest for life during her early years in Tokyo, June travelled to the United States to study and attended college to pursue the career of Graphic design. After receiving her degree, June settled in Vancouver, Canada where she resides to this day. As someone who loves spending time with her family, June enjoys planning summer surfing vacations to Tofino, BC and winter vacations to Hawaii, Japan, or Mexico. As an avid outdoor enthusiast and yoga lover, she enjoys taking long walks with her dog, Pancho, and snowboarding on the local mountains with her family. June’s passion and skill in entrepreneurship has been instrumental in the founding and growth of Rezgo. June has built a diverse and highly qualified team, which she has managed since the start. June’s management approach focuses on team building and motivating team members for maximum productivity in a positive work environment.

Favourite Places Visited:
Hawaii/Japan/Malaysia (Penang)/Ireland

Favourite Travel Activities:
Hiking/Snowboarding/Spend time with the family

Favourite International Cuisines:
Japanese/Malaysian/Thai/Vietnamese (or Asian) / Mexican

John McDonald

Head of Product

John is originally from Calgary, Alberta, but has lived in North Vancouver, BC, for the past 28 years, where he enjoys snowboarding, spending time in the mountains, and travelling to tropical destinations when he can. John has been working in web technology for over 20 years and joined Rezgo in 2004, where he brings his expertise into dealings with customers, co-workers and technology partners. As Head of Product, John is responsible for the vision and direction of the Rezgo system, listening closely to the needs of customers and working with a cross-functional team to deliver an industry-leading solution.

Favourite Places Visited:
Hawaii and Japan

Favourite Travel Activities:
Surfing, Snowboarding and beers on the beach

Favourite Internation Cuisines:
Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, All the cuisines

Kevin Campbell


Kevin may have grown up in Toronto, but the west coast of Canada is definitely his home—never more than a short trip from a boat ride out in Howe Sound, hiking up at Whistler, or walking his dog along some great local trails. He’s been with Rezgo since its earliest days, starting out as a programmer and now leading a talented team of developers as they strive to find new, innovative ways to tackle the challenges faced by experience providers worldwide.

Favourite Places Visited:
The beaches of Mexico

Favourite Travel Activities:
Tracking down amazing local food

Favourite International Cuisines:
Persian, Japanese


Quality Assurance Lead

Miyuki was born in Toyama and raised in Chiba, Japan. She studied Computer science in college and worked as a programmer in the financial field. A traveller at heart, Miyuki toured Canada coast to coast. When she arrived in Whistler bc she found her home. Miyuki started at the company in 2005. She has been working on Testing and system stability for 16 years. Miyuki loves to ski and can be found on the mountains whenever she can make time.

Favourite Places Visited:
Whister (Canada), St. Moritz and Jungfraujoch (Switzerland), Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia)

Favourite Travel Activities:
Skiing, Hiking, Exploring, Eating

Favourite International Cuisines:
Japanese, French

Jessica Bence

Director of Customer Relations

Jess wanted to explore the world at an early age. After living and working abroad in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, she settled back down in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada and began a career in the travel industry. After working with Flight Centre and Tourism Vancouver, she joined Rezgo as the Customer Success Manager, bringing over 10 years of sales and customer service experience to the team. Some of her favourite travel experiences include snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, visiting the pyramids in Egypt and exploring the historic streets of Seville, Spain.

Favourite Places Visited:
Spain, Egypt, Scotland, Hawaii

Favourite Travel Activity:
Finding local hidden gems wherever she goes

Favourite International Cuisines:
Spanish tapas, Japanese, Vietnamese

Nico Pilon

Head of Support

Nico hails from the west coast Canada and while he doesn’t often travel… if you promise him sun and a body of water you can talk him into almost any travel destination. Nico joined Rezgo almost four years ago and brought a wealth of customer service experience with him to provide our clients with the service and care they’ve grown to expect from our team. He also assists with staff training and is working to expand his knowledge of web development and coding, as well.

Favourite Places Visited:
Barcelona, Tulum, Perpignan

Favourite Travel Activities:
Snorkeling, Swimming, Finding Vistas

Favourite International Cuisines:
Japanese, South East Asian, Mexican

Robert Evans

Director of Sales

Robert was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia and has lived in Hawaii for the last 20 years. He has also lived in Colorado, Japan, Australia, and Indonesia. Robert has been in the activity industry for 20 years and currently works with Rezgo as Director of Sales and Partnerships. Nowadays you can find him surfing, running, hiking, playing music and camping with his family.

Favourite Places Visited:

Bali, Western Australia, B.C.

Favourite Travel Activities:

Surfing, Hiking, Breweries

Favourite International Cuisines:

Mexican, Thai, Japanese

Grace Doyle

Head of Sales, EU and Africa

Grace is from Tramore, a seaside town in Waterford in the South East of Ireland. Her passion for surfing and travelling has brought her all over the world, her favourite spots so far being the Mentawai Islands, Mexico and Hawaii. Previously a Math and Physical Education Secondary School Teacher for 7years, until she took a career break to travel more. She began as Customer Support with Rezgo and has since transitioned to Sales Executive for Europe and Africa. When Grace isn’t surfing, she enjoys any outdoor activities, especially a good mountain hike or snowboarding. She’s always up for a new adventure!

Favourite Places Visited:
Mexico, Mentawai Islands, Japan

Favourite Travel Activities:
Surfing, Snowboarding, Hiking, Freediving

Favourite International Cuisines:
Italian, Thai and Maldivian