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Release Date: October 19th, 2023

New Features:

  • External Waiver Management Support: You will now have the ability to flag a waiver as “Signed Externally” and include notes to provide any relevant details.


  • Price dropdown as a new custom form type: You can now set up multiple pricing options for additional product or service add-ons within a single booking checkout process.
  • Custom form instructions: You can now choose to display the instructions added for your custom forms during the point of sale booking checkout process.
  • Itinerary details section: Start times will display as the check-in time in the absence of a separate check-in time set. This ensures a consistent layout display across the itinerary summary and details sections.
  • Waiver system: You can now easily revert strokes of your waiver signature with the newly added “Undo” button in the signing interface.
  • Customer ticket downloads: You can now easily manage your customer ticket downloads by choosing between allowing customers to download tickets directly via their receipt page or sending tickets to customers manually.
  • Custom notifications template: You will now have the option to add “Booking Total” and “Guest Count” variables to your custom notifications template.

Other changes to note:

  • The “Edit” button has been removed for EMV terminals when managing desk-specific payment methods to prevent changes that might affect your terminal connection. You can delete and re-add EMV terminals as needed.
  • EMV terminal will only be available as a payment method when connected to a payment gateway that supports it.
  • The “Inventory List” setting has been moved from the “Purchasing” section to the “Other Settings” section on the System Configuration page.
  • The “Assign Inventory” section is removed from the User section’s add/edit view. To assign users to specific inventory items, please navigate to the Inventory Item section and under “Owner,” you can assign designated users to the selected inventory item.
  • Restoring a deleted contact will no longer include custom field values to ensure the security of Personal Identifiable Information (PII). This is applicable to both the deletion from the contacts list view and the contacts details view.
  • Various minor layout improvements and bug fixes.