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Using rules, you can create promotional codes to offer discounts and make many other adjustments.

For example, with the Promo Code condition and the Day of the Week condition, you can create a promo code that only works on Fridays. With the Set All Prices actions, you could decrease price points by 20%. Customers who use the promo code on a Friday will then get 20% off their order.

To use the Promo Code condition in a rule, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Inventory > Rules in the main menu.

2. Click Create Rule.

3. Give your rule a name that’s easy to recognize (1), and a description of what it will do (2).

4. Click Add Condition.

5. Click Promotional Code is…

6. Enter a unique code for your promo code (1) — this is the code you give your customers.

Please note: promo codes should only contain letters or numbers. Any other characters may prevent you from being able to directly link the code to your customers.

– If the promo code should be limited to a maximum number of uses, enter that number in the uses field (2). If it’s left blank, the promo code will not be limited by number of uses.

7. Add any further conditions and actions the rule should have. Generally promo codes are used to offer discounts, in which case you can use the Set All Prices action to change prices across the board, or the Set Each Price action to change a specific tier. You may also want to limit the promo code to specific inventory, dates ranges for use, or booking date ranges.

8. Click Create Rule.

Apply promo codes with a link

Once you have created a promo code, you can link your customers directly to it to apply it automatically.