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When creating pickup locations for your tours and activities, you should only create the actual locations where guests can be picked up. But when guests are making a booking, they may not know which location to choose. To help them, you can create Sources.

Sources are alternate ways for guests to search for a pick-up location. For example, you might offer pick-up at one hotel, but your guest is staying in the hotel next door. If you add the hotel next door as a source, they can search for it and still find the correct pickup location.

You can add sources when creating or editing a pickup location.

1. Click Add New Source.

2. Enter the source’s name (1).

  • This is the name the customer will be shown, like the name of their hotel.

3. Enter a contact number (2).

  • This is a number you can use to reach the hotel, etc, in case of an issue with the pick-up.

4. Enter an ID (3).

  • This can be any ID you use for this source internally. It isn’t shown to the customer.

To add additional sources, click Add New Source (4). Otherwise, click Save Changes when you finish creating or editing the location.

Remove Source

To remove a pick-up location source, click the red X next to the source.