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Questions : Receiving Booking Notifications prior to Payment

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Noel Wilson asked 4 years ago

We are new to using Rezgo and have received a few bookings so far. Some of them have come through as \”payment pending\” I made the wrong assumption that this was some sort of security thing with PayPal and went ahead and booked and paid for the customers tours (they were relatively low cost). Upon investigating I have now realised that the customer did not hit the PayPal button after they booked the tour. This is possibly a bit confusing for them with the message that pops up. They may have thought they booked. Is there anyway to avoid this? It doesn\’t seem right that we get a booking notification if they haven\’t paid yet if paying inline is the only way. I now realise that the reality is that at the last stage they decided not to pay by paypal. This creates work for the operator to have to chase the payment and then cancel if they do not respond.

1 Answers
Rezgo Support answered 4 years ago

Unfortunately with the Paypal standard method, there is no way to know if the customer completes the payment on Paypal. In order to hold the space and ensure there is no chance of overbooking, a pending booking is created. Once the customer pays, the booking is automatically updated to “Complete” by Paypal APN. If you are in a country supported by Stripe, we recommend using that payment gateway instead of Paypal, it is a much smoother customer booking and payment experience.