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Questions : How to remove cutoff time once a tour has bookings

Current QuestionsCategory: RulesHow to remove cutoff time once a tour has bookings
Phil Everist asked 5 years ago

Is it possible to either set a cutoff date to hours or set a rule that will reduce the cutoff days to 0 once an item has bookings?
We have night tours that are fine for booking during the day of the tour either up to 4 hours before the tour if they are the first booking (giving us time to arrange a guide) or up to the last minute once there is already a booking and guide allocated.
I couldn’t see a condition option for the number of bookings for an item  – only a condition for number of people being booked in an order.  

1 Answers
Rezgo answered 5 years ago

Hi Phil.  The system doesn’t support what you are trying to accomplish.  I will, however, pass this on to the development team to see if they have any ideas.