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Fred Schlomka asked 7 months ago

Wwe run a paperless company and manage 10-20 day-trips each day with our own transport and guides. Our current booking system has some drawbacks, but it allows us to easily create an online spreadsheet for each tour. These spreadsheets are web pages, each with their own unique URL. The spreadsheets update in real time as new bookings come in. This is critical for our guides, many of whom access the spreadsheets on their smartphones, and thus have all the names and payment details of each client at their fingertips. Does Rezgo have a facility to do this??

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Rezgo Support answered 7 months ago

Yes. You can create manifests on the fly in the manifest report. As long as your guides have log in access to your account, they can access these manifest reports on any device, including their smart phones.

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