There are a number of Rezgo tour operator software support resources at your disposal.  Everything from one on one phone support to an engaged member community.

General Help & Support

New to Rezgo – Need some help getting set-up

This guide will walk you through the steps to get your Rezgo account set-up and ready to go.

Getting started video series

This video series consists of 11 videos that are approximately 6 minutes each.  Each video will guide you through a specific step in getting your Rezgo account set-up.  We highly recommend that you watch these videos first before using the administration system.  Once you have watched the videos, you can refer to them as you go through each step.

Find articles on the Rezgo Support website

The Rezgo Support website is a great resource with lots of articles about how to use specific features and functions within Rezgo.  Everything from settings to adding adjustments to product availability is covered in these in-depth how to  articles.

Ask a question on our customer support forum

If you need some help or are looking for assistance from other Rezgo members, you can always post a public question on the Rezgo support forum.  Your question can be answered by both Rezgo staff and other Rezgo users who wish to participate in the discussion.  This is a particularly useful way of getting advice from your peers.

Send us a support ticket

If you’re not able to find what you need in the forum or support knowledgebase, you can always contact Rezgo technical support for assistance.  Use the form on the support to submit a support ticket or simply email us at support [at]