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Rezgo supports some specific signature capture tablets. If you use the Rezgo point of sale at a physical sales location, your customers can sign to accept your waiver using these tablets.

Currently, we have support for Wacom’s STU-520 and STU 530 tablets.


Step One: Set Up Your Waiver

Follow the instructions at this link to set up a signable per-order waiver.

Step Two: Download and Install Tablet Software

To use your tablets with Rezgo, you’ll first need to install software from their manufacturers.

Please note that Rezgo is not responsible for third-party software and cannot provide support for third-party software or hardware. Please contact the manufacturer’s support department if you have issues setting up your tablets.

Wacom Tablets:

Download and install Wacom’s Windows Signature SDK, and SigCaptX SDK.

The Wacom 520 also requires the Wacom STU 520 driver.

Enable tablets in Rezgo Settings

On Rezgo, navigate to Settings in the main menu. Click System Configuration.

1. In the Per-Order Signatures dropdown under Other Settings, select Capture signatures with Wacom STU-520/530 tablet.

2. Click Save Changes.

By default, the waiver must be opened manually by the Rezgo user completing the order. You can also configure this so the waiver is presented automatically on order completion.

If your tablet is set up correctly, the waiver signature space should automatically be displayed on the tablet when it’s presented.

On Wacom tablets, the full waiver will also be displayed on the tablet. Follow the instructions below to format your text correct for tablet display.

Configuring waiver text for display on Wacom tablets

If your waiver content is longer than your tablet can display in a single page, it won’t display correctly. To fix it, you can edit your waiver to include code that only applies when it’s displayed on a tablet.

First, navigate to your waiver template in Settings > Templates, or your waiver content on your item’s edit page.

Click the source code button on the waiver editor.

In the source code for your waiver, you can add the following code snippets for tablet display:


Place this everywhere you want to add a page break. You may need to experiment to see how much text comfortably fits on your tablet screen.


Place the sigheader tags around any text that should be displayed as a header.


Place this on any page (as defined by your sigbreak tags) to change the text size that will be displayed on that page on the tablet. You can change the number to adjust the size of the text.

Remember to save your changes when you finish editing your waiver’s source code.