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When a front-end booking is made, all notifications set to automatic will be sent to the customer. Any notifications that are for point-of-sale bookings or aren’t set to automatic will need to be sent manually.

You can also manually resend waiver signing links through this method.

First, navigate to the booking’s detail’s page.

How to send booking notifications

Click Send Booking Notifications.


– If there isn’t an email address associated with the booking, you will be asked to enter one. Do so, then click OK.


How to send resend booking notifications or waivers

1. Click Notifications.

2. Click Send Now or Resend.

3. Confirm that you want to send the notification.

How to manually send WebHooks

1. Click Notifications.

2. Find the WebHook you want to send.

3. Click Send Now.


4. Confirm that you want to send the notification.