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Category: Articles

Branding vs. Marketing: What Tour and Activity Operators Need to Know to Succeed

Branding and marketing are two distinct activities you can do to get more bookings for your tour business. But what exactly is the difference between branding and marketing?
Written By | Vanessa Gibbs

5 Tour Operator Pain Points and How to Fix Them

Operating a tour business can be challenging, with various pain points that hinder efficiency and growth. This episode explores five common pain points experienced by tour operators around the world and suggests potential solutions to overcome them.
Written By | Rezgo

Learn SEO Tips & Tricks for Your Tour Company in This Webinar

Learn how to develop an effective SEO strategy for your tour company that aligns with your customer journey in this informative webinar
Written By | Rezgo

A Better Guest Experience for Tours: Interview With Kelsey Tonner

On this episode of Let's Talk Tourism, we sit down with Kelsey Tonner, an expert in guest experience and founder of Guest Focus, for simple, step-by-step strategies that can elevate your interactions with guests to new heights.
Written By | Rezgo

Learn How Guest Photos Can Improve Your Tour Guest Experience in this Webinar

Guest photos are a powerful way to remind guests of your amazing tours and activities and share their experiences with their friends and family. Learn more in this webinar.
Written By | Rezgo

Diversify Your Tourism Sales Mix With Tips From Our Webinar

Learn how to strengthen your tourism sales mix in this webinar. Reduce your tour company's exposure to risk, diversify your revenue streams, and expand into multiple sales channels.
Written By | Rezgo

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