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Manage your staff with Ento & Rezgo

Combine the power for Rezgo with the sophistication of Ento.

Combine Rezgo and Ento to streamline your bookings and staff scheduling.

Integrate Rezgo with Ento to better manage your bookings and your employees.

Rezgo and Ento provide the best combination of booking and employee time management.

Employee Scheduling

Ento allows you to to better manage all your employees, their schedules, and the tasks they work on.  Save time by creating each schedule from scratch or use a  template. Drag-and-drop shifts around and let the system calculate your all-important labor costs and warnings.

Time & Attendance

From Ento’s facial recognition Time Clock to employee managed timesheets using their smart phone, Ento can help you capture precise time and attendance. Upcoming shifts are synchronized directly from your schedules, and attendance records are sent to a timesheet queue for your approval.

Simple Connection

Connect your Rezgo account to your Ento account with a simple single click.  The connection keeps your Ento account up to date automatically.

Import Inventory

Once you’ve added your inventory to Rezgo it is automatically imported directly into your Ento account so that you can assign your staff accordingly.

Import Bookings

As your customers book your tours and activities on Rezgo, the bookings are automatically imported into Ento so that your staffing schedules are always up to date.

Manage Staff Requirements

Set minimum staffing requirements and assign guest to staff ratios so that your staff resources are managed properly.  Your staff will always be assigned to the right inventory.

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