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Rezgo 12.10 & 12.11: Smart Features to Save You Time


With every Rezgo update, we strive to bring you new tools that will make your job easier. Here’s the latest from Rezgo 12.10 and 12.11, including a pair of experimental features that can save you time and make loading inventory much easier.

Smart Tour Descriptions

With Rezgo, you can get your inventory loaded pretty quickly, but there’s one spot where a lot of our clients get stuck: the tour description. You know everything there is to know about your activities, but translating that passion into SEO-friendly text can be tough.

Using the power of generative artificial intelligence, you can now populate your tour description fields with the click of a button. With just a little guidance, Rezgo will generate detailed marketing copy for all your tours and activities. You can edit the results and even have the AI adjust the tone of the content.

This feature is still being tested, so be sure to look over your copy before publishing your inventory (and if you have descriptions that you’re happy with already, don’t forget to save them somewhere first!).

Rezgo AI Assistant


We’ve also released an experimental AI assistant that can help you find the information you need from your Rezgo reports. Rezgo tracks a lot of data for you, and the assistant can help you find it when you need it.

For this initial rollout, we’ve included a few core reports, like bookings, transactions and inventory. The assistant is still experimental, so please leave feedback if it tells you anything that’s incorrect–and always double check its work. The Rezgo AI Assistant isn’t trained on your data, but it should know how to help you find it.

Attaching Inventory to Contacts

In Rezgo’s 12.11 update, we’ve added the ability to attach inventory or merchandise to contacts. This lets you plan ahead. If you know a customer is coming in to book something specific, or if a customer always books the same inventory, you can load that inventory in advance so it will be added to their order as soon as their contact is attached to a booking.

Google Analytics Update

12.10 included a number of new and adjusted GA4 events, including the following:

  • view_item, which triggers on tour/package details page loads
  • select_item, which triggers when selecting items from the tour list or related item lists
  • view_cart, triggered when clicking the mini order buttons on details pages
  • add_payment_info, triggered when selecting a payment method.

And More…

We’ve brought you more additions and improvements in these updates, including the following:

  • Contacts Report, which shows contacts data including custom fields. This report can be scheduled.
  • Contact ID number added to the Contact Search on the POS
  • Variable Start Time support for our GetYourGuide integration
  • A variety of minor bug fixes and improvements

We can’t wait to show you what else we have in store to make your job easier this year. In the meantime, reach out to our support team or your customer success representative if you have any questions about these updates or anything else Rezgo has to offer.


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