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If your company sells physical goods or other items that are sold seperately from specific tours or activities, you can list them in the Rezgo point of sale.

First, navigate to Products in the main menu. If that menu item isn’t available, your user account may not have access, or you may need to enable it by customizing your menu layout.

Note: The product system is best used for physical goods that have stock to track. For services or rentals that go along with specific inventory, we recommend using booking fields with price checkboxes instead.

1. Click Create Product.

2. Enter the product’s basic information:

  • Enter the name of the product (1).
  • Select the product’s visibility (2) from the following:
    • Available on Point of Sale
    • Available Everywhere (including front-end sales when available)
    • Not Available for Sale.
  • Select a service provider, if applicable (3).
  • Enter any tags for filtering and search purposes (4).

3. Enter the product’s details:

  • Enter a description (1). This will be the product’s description on its listing.
  • Enter the item’s weight (2) in pounds, grams, kilograms, or ounces and select the appropriate unit of measurement. This information is currently only for your records.
  • Enter the number of items per unit (3) for this product (how many individual pieces are included in a single unit of the product).
  • Enter the minimum order (4). This is the minimum number of units of the product that can be transferred to or between desks.
  • Toggle whether a signable waiver should be provided for purchases of this product (5).

4. Click Add Product Variants if the product has more than one variant (If not, continue to step X).

5. Add the product’s variants.

  • Enter up to three variant labels (1). These may be variables like Size or Color.
  • Enter the variant options seperated by commas (2). For example, Small, Medium, Large or Red, Blue, Green.
  • Click Update Variants when you finish adding all variant options.

6. Remove any variants that your company doesn’t offer by clicking the remove button.

7. Enter details for all variants of the product that your company offers.

  • Enter the variant’s SKU (1).
  • Enter the quantity of the variant you currently have in stock (2).
  • Enter the variant’s cost price (3).
  • Enter the variant’s retail price (4).

8. Upload product images by dragging images into the upload box or clicking to open the file browser.

9. Make any necessary adjustments to the product images.

10. Click Create Product.

When you’re ready to make the product available for sale, click Publish.