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Features To Help Food & Wine Tour Operators

Manage Your Business Anywhere, Anytime

With the Rezgo app and mobile interface, serving as a booking platform for food and wine tour companies, you aren’t tied to your desk.

Manage bookings, take contactless payment, check in guests, and see their special requirements. You can also give your staff secure access to handle it for you.

Easy-To-Book Interface For Customers On Any Device

Using Rezgo means having a professional, trustworthy, and secure website and mobile interface.

Your customers can book your food and wine tours on any device, any time.

The Tools You Need To Drive Direct Bookings

Best of all, you get all the tools you need to manage your spots, keep track of your customers, and drive more direct bookings for your food and wine tours.

Once you sign up for free, all the features you need are available with no monthly fees.

Rezgo’s Booking Software for Culinary Tours

Here’s What Our Clients Say


McKinley Creekside Cabins and Café

“We were in a bind when our Property Management System that had integrated all our tours went out of business! We are a hotel and have provided tour booking services to our guests as a major part of our business. I researched several and all were out of our price range or would be taking a significant hit to our profits, which were already quite small as a tour reseller. Rezgo offered the perfect solution at a low cost and flexible enough for us to work with!”


Homalco Wildlife & Cultural Tours

“I’ve been a Rezgo user for our booking software since 2019. I find it easy to navigate and is very user friendly. If I request help from the support team, they are efficient, and reliable. Rezgo and the support team make my job as a Tour Coordinator run very smoothly for bookings. I’d highly recommend the Rezgo software.”


Top Features for Food & Wine Tour Management

Rezgo instantly provides all the tools and features you need to help grow your business when you sign up for free.

Online Bookings

Get direct bookings from customers who are online or on their phones, no matter where or when they book.

Point of Sale

Let customers book events in person or over the phone while you manage their bookings and secure payments with ease.

Gift Cards

Customizable gift cards let you offer gifts of specific events or stored values while protecting your bottom line from refunds.

Private Events

With availability, group sizes, private listings and more, you can offer events of any size as publicly or privately as you need.

Daily Manifest

Find out who’s attending your events, confirm their payments and waivers, and check them in on the spot with our event manifest.

Pickup Locations

Let your guests choose the best place to be picked up from (or dropped off to) all the locations you have to offer.

Verified Reviews

Keep your customer data securely in your hands with a trustworthy review system that only allows reviews from verified customers.


Make sure your guests always know their next stop with customizable, personalized itineraries that will keep them on track.


Get detailed, customizable reports on every aspect of your business, and have them delivered on schedule or generated on demand.


Your Success is Our #1 Goal


Dedicated Setup

Our team of customer success specialists will work with you to make sure you have all the help you need to get up and running quickly. We can even do a one-on-one pre-launch review with you.


Multiple Support Channels

If you ever have a question or need help, you can reach our experienced support team via phone or email. We get back to you within 24 hours on standard working days.


Comprehensive Knowledgebase

The Rezgo platform has the most complete and thorough knowledgebase and online user manual of any tour or activity system. Answers to your questions are only a few clicks away.


We Only Succeed When You Succeed

Thanks to our subscription-free model, the pressure is on us to help you earn more bookings to grow your company. After all, we only succeed when you succeed. Rezgo gives you a partner who will be there to help you scale efficiently, with low overhead compared to services that make you pay hefty monthly costs, and the option to pass fees straight to your customers.

Our payment system allows you to plan for the future without worrying about unpredictable circumstances. Whether you book 10 events in a month or 1000, Rezgo’s subscription-free model allows you the breathing room to manage your finances properly.

Let’s work together to make your business thrive.