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How Rezgo Makes Tour and Activity Check Ins a Breeze


A fast and easy tour and activity check-in process is a great way to impress your customers before you even embark. Time and convenience are valuable commodities, and Rezgo is here to bring them to your business and your customers. Rezgo’s booking engine provides the tools you need to streamline the booking and check-in process so that you can grow your business and improve the customer experience. 

Is there room for improvement in your check-in process? Here are a few tools that might help.

Streamline your tour and activity check-in process with the Daily Manifest

Preparation is key to a smooth check-in experience, and the Daily Manifest ensures that you’re well prepared for every event.  It offers an interactive overview of the day’s guests on your device or can be printed out to have all your important guest information on hand. The daily manifest is your one-stop shop for information on all of your PAX for the day – or for an individual event. It’s packed full of features that you will make life easier for you, your employees, and your customers: 

  • Search Options: Narrow down your list by inventory, labels, flags and status, name and transaction numbers. 
  • Customization: You can set filters on your manifest so that you’re only shown the information that you need–this way you’re shown exactly what you require, every time. 
  • Messaging: The manifest lets you send a group message to customers of an event, so you can always keep guests up to date.. 
  • Readily available information: Under each inventory item, you can see guest contact information and the answers to any specific questions you may have asked, such as accessibility requirements or health concerns. 
  • Confirmation: Quickly confirm a customer’s booking status, check-in status, payment status and if their waiver is complete. 
  • Check-in and sign waivers: With a single click, you can quickly check guests in.  You can also use the manifest to have guests sign their waivers on the spot. 

Speed up lines with Ticket Scanning at check-in

Rezgo offers a tour check-in app on iOS, Rezgo Scan, that lets you scan tickets on site from a paper ticket or your customer’s phone. The app was designed for the specific purpose of saving you, your agents and your customers time, so that guests can focus on enjoying their experience. Using Rezgo’s tour check-in app, you can quickly check in tickets, get waivers signed, keep track of scanned tickets, and get real-time information on booking status. 

What makes this so simple is the QR code that is printed on each Rezgo ticket, which can be scanned with Rezgo Scan, your camera app, or any QR code reader on a smartphone. 

You can also check in customers from their bookings, the manifest, or by entering their ticket number on the check-in page. And Rezgo can set your check-ins to require a PIN so that your customers don’t check themselves in by mistake. With all of these check-in options, you can decide what works best for your business and your customers. 

Protect your business efficiently with Digital Waivers

If your tour or activity requires a waiver to be signed, then you know how time consuming it can be to have all of your customers signing on site. Rezgo gives your customers a variety of opportunities to sign before the tour. For front-end bookings, waivers can be presented at the confirmation page, signed from the order receipt, and you can have them automatically emailed. With a point-of-sale booking, waivers can be signed using the booking’s detail page, via email, or with a custom link. 

Rezgo provides a default waiver that can be customized to satisfy your own legal requirements for each inventory item. Once you have created your waiver, you can choose between a per-order waiver or a per-guest waiver. 

A per-order waiver is used when you only require a single guest’s signature for the whole booking. If a customer is booking a tour online that requires a per-order waiver, the customer will be prompted to sign the waiver before they can complete the booking. 

With a per-guest waiver, there is no prompt to sign the waiver before completing the booking, instead, guests can complete the waiver using their booking receipt or through an email link. Per-guest waivers will collect the guest’s name, email, phone number and birthdate. You can also collect any additional information that you may need, like their life jacket size or if they are of legal drinking age. And since you can get everything signed in advance, you don’t need to worry about last-second surprises on the day of your event.

Avoid no-shows with Payment Requests

Sometimes, you can’t take payment at the time of booking. This can lead to serious hassles at check-in time as your customers try to pay and you or your guides need to handle payment terminals and cash on-site. 

If you’re set up to receive credit card payments, you can send your customers payment requests instead, so that they can easily and securely pay for their bookings in advance. You can request the full or partial amount, set a link expiry time, and decide if you’d like the request sent to their phone as an SMS or email. 

This is an especially valuable feature when customers book over the phone. Taking credit card information over the phone isn’t secure, and it can make your customers–and your merchant account provider–quite nervous. With the payment request option, you can book your customer over the phone, then send them a link to a secure form via email or SMS. 

Rezgo’s payment requests can also drastically reduce your number of no-shows, as paying customers are already financially invested in the experience. 

Make data-driven improvements to your check-in process

Once you’re handling your whole check-in process through Rezgo, you’ll find that it is incomparable when it comes to speed and accuracy. With all of your check-ins tracked digitally and instantly, no one will be double checked in, and it’s fast and easy to see if there is any outstanding information that needs to be provided before checking your customer in. 

And this accuracy helps in the long run, too. In Rezgo’s Reporting section, you’ll find a check-in report. Here, you can easily generate a report based on your chosen date range. Your report will include the inventory items of your choosing, filtered by any flags you have selected, with an option to only include check-ins from particular desks if needed. 

Despite everyone’s best efforts, no shows are inevitable in the tourism industry. Where this can become a problem is when you have customers who have a pattern of no-showing for your tour, because they are filling up spots and robbing other guests of your experience. Rezgo helps you keep track of these customers by flagging them in your manifest or on your bookings as a no show for future reference. 

Optimize the check-in process to enhance your business 

If you put all of Rezgo’s features into action, you can achieve an efficient, completely contactless tour and activity check-in. This gives your guests peace of mind knowing that they can just show up and enjoy their experience without having to worry about any forms or payment processing. 

So what are you waiting for? Stop worrying about the logistics of booking and check-ins and let Rezgo handle it for you! Instead, you can focus on what makes your tour or activity memorable, and create a once in a lifetime customer experience!


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