Tag: online booking system


Tag: online booking system

How to Prepare for a Travel Bubble

It’s finally happened. The trans-Tasman travel bubble is open, allowing quarantine-free travel between Australia and New Zealand for the first time in over a year. Zoom calls are no substitute for hugs, and footage of happy reunions has been beamed around the world as people from New Zealand and Australia hopped across the Tasman to […]
Written By | Rob Mathison

Increase Bookings With Abandoned Cart Emails

Customers can be indecisive, and travel customers even more so. Industry experts have found that travel shopping carts are abandoned 81.7% of the time–the highest rate of any but the finance and non-profit sectors. With Rezgo, you can automatically email customers a day after they abandon their cart with a reminder to come back and […]
Written By | Nissa Campbell

How to Avoid Overbooking Tours With Rezgo

Worried about overbookings? Hotels and airlines might be able to get away with overbooking intentionally, but for most tour and activity providers, overbookings are nothing but a negative–a source of stress and unhappy customers. If you’re spending time trying to prevent overbookings, we have good news: when you manage your bookings through the right platform, […]
Written By | Nissa Campbell

Start Using Stripe Terminal With Rezgo

Stripe users in the United States and Canada can now use Stripe Terminal with Rezgo. Are you using Stripe? If not, it’s quick and easy to sign up and benefit from Stripe’s seamless payments platform. With Stripe Terminal, you can use Stripe’s pre-certified card readers to unify your channels, accepting credit card payments as easily […]
Written By | Nissa Campbell

Five Ways to Kick Off a Successful Season

Is your busy season just around the corner? For many tour and activity companies, this is a big time of year, and it’s worth preparing for. Don’t let 2018 slip by with missed opportunities and lost chances — kick off an amazing season this very moment. Update your approach Before your high season gets underway, […]
Written By | Nissa Campbell

The Ultimate 3-Part Guide: Generate Quality Traffic That Leads to More Bookings

Once you have an amazing booking website, you’re almost ready to start taking bookings online. There’s one more thing you’ll need, though: traffic. What Is Traffic? Website traffic is the volume of visitors a website receives. It can be direct, or it can be organic. Direct Traffic: According to SmartBug Media, direct traffic is traffic […]
Written By | Nissa Campbell

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