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Increase Bookings With Abandoned Cart Emails


Customers can be indecisive, and travel customers even more so. Industry experts have found that travel shopping carts are abandoned 81.7% of the time–the highest rate of any but the finance and non-profit sectors.

With Rezgo, you can automatically email customers a day after they abandon their cart with a reminder to come back and complete their order. These types of emails have been shown to turn 3% – 5% of abandoned carts into sales, so it’s a great way to boost your sales with no extra effort.

To start sending out cart abandonment emails, you just need to enable them in your Rezgo account.

Want to get even better results? Take a few minutes to customize the email you send out. Remind your would-be customers what they’re missing out on with a compelling subject line, and get their imaginations whirring with your content. Then finish the job with a rock-solid call to action that sends them straight to booking.

(You could even sweeten the deal by creating a promo code discount just for these emails.)

Abandoned cart emails are one more tool you can use to increase bookings, decrease cart abandonment rates and grow your business. Let Rezgo handle them for you so you can focus on the things you love.


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