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Start Using Stripe Terminal With Rezgo


Stripe users in the United States and Canada can now use Stripe Terminal with Rezgo. Are you using Stripe? If not, it’s quick and easy to sign up and benefit from Stripe’s seamless payments platform.

With Stripe Terminal, you can use Stripe’s pre-certified card readers to unify your channels, accepting credit card payments as easily in person as you can online. With increasingly stringent security regulations for online payments, this is the fastest, easiest way to take in-person credit card payments.

To get started, sign into your Stripe dashboard to learn more about ordering card readers. Stripe is also offering invite-only access to Stripe Terminal to users in other countries while they continue to expand the program, so contact Stripe to see if your account qualifies.

Once you have your credit card reader, it takes just a few quick steps to connect it to your Rezgo and Stripe accounts. You can start taking in-person payments with your new card reader right away, so visit Stripe to start simplifying your payments today.


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