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Better Management of tours and employees with Ento & Rezgo


We are excited to announce that Ento, a leading cloud based employee and payroll management software, has integrated with Rezgo allowing tour and activity businesses to better manage their bookings and employees.


The integration gives tour and activity operators who use Rezgo a World Class employee management tool combined with superior reservation and customer management.


Ento provides businesses around the World with the ability to manage their employee information, schedules, shifts, and more.  Employees can access their schedules using a dedicated website or mobile interface and can even swap shifts with other employees or send updates to the business via SMS.  Business owners can generate time and payroll reports as well as dozens of other employee related reports.

Ento currently works with over 1500 businesses globally and manages over 30 Million shifts.

The integration utilizes the Rezgo Authentication API which allows a business owner using Ento to connect their account with their Rezgo account. Once connected, the system accesses the business owners Rezgo inventory and bookings. The business owner can then add staff, manage staff to guest ratios, keep track of staff time sheets, and assign staff to bookings made in Rezgo.

Aulay Macaulay, founder and CEO of Ento, says “We were thrilled to integrate solution in just under two weeks. Today any tour or activity business workforce using Rezgo can access shifts on their smartphone or iPad, which means they never need to phone or drop in, to find out when they scheduled to work again.”

By integrating with Rezgo, Ento has connected the schedules and bookings which are managed in Rezgo with the staff that run the tours or activities in Ento.  For tour and activity businesses using Rezgo, the benefits are clear, improved employee management and simplified business processes.

Stephen Joyce, CEO of Rezgo says “Before the integration with Rezgo, businesses would have to manage their employees manually or using an disconnected system.  By integrating Rezgo, Ento has simplified employee management for businesses Worldwide.”

The partnership with Ento is the first to utilize the recently released Rezgo Authentication API.  The success of this integration is a clear indication that integrating Rezgo with other market leading applications that benefit tour and activity businesses is positive for all concerned.

Find out more about the Ento & Rezgo integration.




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