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Rezgo Updates

Manage Tour Inventory Better with Rezgo 6.5


We have recently released an update to Rezgo that includes some really useful features.  Here is a quick rundown on some of them:

Block size

block size and set payment satus

You can now specify how many spaces should be blocked out when a booking is made.  For example, if you rent ATVs that hold two people but you price per person, then you can set your block size to “2”.  When one person books, it will still take 2 inventory spaces out (equivalent to the 2 spaces on the ATV).  You’ll find Block size under “Advanced Options” on the option edit page.

Requesting Group Information

Request group information

When requesting group information, you now have the option to ask for name and contact details or just the name of each passenger.  This is useful in cases where you don’t need contact information for each passenger but would still like to get their names for the manifest report.

Scattered Availability Dates

Scattered availability dates

When setting up your options you can now select multiple dates of availability for an item directly in the calendar rather than having to create multiple single day events.  This is particularly useful for operators who offer a tour that only runs on an infrequent or irregular basis.

Automatically Set Status for Each Option

You can now set the payment status for each option independently regardless of the payment method used to pay for the booking.  For example, this would be useful if you want the booking to remain pending so you can confirm information with a partner before you release the voucher to the customer.

Automatically Send Staff Notifications on POS Bookings

Send staff notifications automatically

There is now a setting that allows you to specify that you want staff notifications to be sent automatically when a POS booking is made.  By default this setting is turned off for all existing Rezgo members.  To turn it on, go to Settings > General Settings and scroll to the bottom of the page.

We have also added the following additional features that should make your experience with Rezgo better:

  • Added multi-select on report fields to allow for quicker selection of reporting criteria on all reports.
  • Payment method has been added to transaction report for easier reconciliation.
  • Date formats are now consistent with your settings across all areas of Rezgo.

New and updated support documentation for these features will be released very soon.  We will share them on Facebook and Twitter as soon as they are ready, so be sure to follow us to get updates.


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