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Expedia Connects with Rezgo for Live Availability


We are really excited to announce that Rezgo has just launched a direct connect with Expedia which allows businesses who sell their tours and activities on Expedia and use Rezgo to manage live availability and bookings from the travel giant.

The connection with the newly developed and released Expedia Supplier API means that businesses using Rezgo no longer need to worry about on request bookings from Expedia or managing bookings via email.  The connection allows Expedia to check live availability directly in a business’ Rezgo account and to send bookings via the API.

The Expedia integration has been launched with a selected group of partners but will become available to all businesses using Rezgo in the near future.

We have worked hard over the years to advocate for provider APIs like the one that Expedia has released.  We are very proud to be among the first group of provider booking systems to connect with the Expedia Supplier API.  Their trust in Rezgo and their willingness to work with us on this project is a clear validation that this strategy is the best one for the industry moving forward.

Businesses interested in connecting their Rezgo accounts with Expedia are encouraged to visit /expedia.

Businesses interested in working with Expedia can find out more about the Expedia Local Experts program at:


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