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After you cancel a booking or order, you will need to refund the customer. You can also refund invoices if needed. Here’s how you do so by payment type:

Refund to a gift card

All payment types can be refunded to gift cards.

First, visit the booking that needs to be refunded.

1. Click Add Transaction.

2. Enter the customer’s information for your records, if needed.

3. Under Method, select Gift Card.

4. Click Spend.

5. Select Credit.

6. Enter the amount to be credited (1).

7. Select whether the new gift card should be emailed to the billing contact of the booking (2). You’ll need to enter an email address in the billing details if you haven’t already.

8. Enter any additional IDs or comments (3).

9. Click Enter (4).

Non-credit card transaction

1. Navigate to the booking, order, or invoice’s details page.

2. Add a negative transaction for the amount to be refunded.

Payment gateway with refund support

Some gateways support refunds. If your gateway supports refunds, you can refund the amount through Rezgo directly.

1. Click Refund next to the transaction you want to refund.

2. Ensure credit card is selected as the payment method (1).

3. Ensure Refund is selected as the transaction type (2).

4. Enter the amount to be refunded (3).

5. Confirm that the correct transaction is selected (4).

6. Enter any additional information or comments (5).

7. Click Enter (6).

Payment gateway without refund support

If your payment does not support refunds, add a negative transaction, but DO NOT process the transaction through your gateway. If you do, the customer will be double charged.