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How to reconcile service providers

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If your inventory is assigned to service providers, you can generate a report of the amount payable to service providers and then reconcile your providers.

First, navigate to Inventory > Service Providers.

Create a reconciliation report

1. Click Manage.


2. Click Reconcile Providers.


3. Enter your report criteria. You can set a date range (1), select the service providers to include in the reconciliation report (2), and choose whether to show PAX that have already been reconciled (3).


4. Click Generate Report (4).

Reconcile providers

The reconciliation report will include all checked-in PAX from inventory items that were assigned to one of the selected service providers at the time of booking.

1. Look over the amounts to ensure that they're correct. If any adjustments need to be made, you can enter them as positive or negative values in the Adjustment fields.


2. Click Reconcile Provider when you've confirmed the total cost price to be paid to the provider.

3. Enter the check, payment or reference ID in the field provided. Please note that reconciling providers doesn't pay those providers – it simply marks them as reconciled within Rezgo.


4. Click Apply Payment.

When a PAX has been reconciled, a check mark appears next to the cost for that line, which will no longer be added to later reconciliation totals even if that PAX is included in the report.


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