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How to check in bookings

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When a guest arrives for their booking, you can check it in through Rezgo. This will finalize the booking in the system.

1. Navigate to the booking’s details page

2. Click Check-In.


3. Confirm that the booking should be checked in. The booking can no longer be modified once this is done.

Check in with a ticket or voucher

Bookings can also be checked in with their tickets or vouchers in one of two ways:


A. Scan the barcode on the voucher with a barcode or QR code reader on a smartphone.

B. Navigate to checkin.rezgo.com and enter the booking check-in number listed on the voucher or ticket. Click Check In when you finish entering numbers.


Check in Open bookings

When an open availability booking is completed, it should be marked as used.

1. Navigate to the booking’s details page.

2. Click Check-In.


3. Enter the usage date – the date the booking should be marked as having been used on. This defaults to today’s date.


4. Click OK to confirm the checkin.

From an Order

You can also check in a booking directly from the order page. First, navigate to an order.

1. Click the action button next to the booking you want to check in.


2. Click Check-In.


3. Click OK to confirm.

Check in multiple bookings

To check in multiple bookings at the same time, first navigate to Bookings in the main menu.

1. Click the check boxes next to the bookings you want to check in (1).

2. Click Action (2).

3. Click Check-In.


4. Click OK to confirm.

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  1. It would be good to be able to remove a check in, incase this is clicked in an accident.

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