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While Rezgo offers robust options for automated notifications, sometimes you may need to contact guests with information that can’t be pre-prepared. For example, you might want to send custom links to a virtual event, let your guests know about a last-minute cancellation directly, or just keep them up to date about some changes to their tour or activity.

In those situations, you can send a message of up to 320 characters out to everyone who’s booked for the event (in other words, who’s booked for a specific option on a specific date). You can do so from several locations:

From a booking

First, navigate to the details page of any booking for that event.

1. Click the menu button on the booking’s info card:

2. Click Message Event Group.

3. Select the recipients and message type (1).

  • Messages can be sent by email or SMS.
  • Messages can be sent to the bookings’ billing contacts alone, or to the billing contact and group members.
  • Messages can only be sent to billing contacts and group members with valid email addresses or mobile phone numbers.

4. If the message is an email, enter a subject line (2)

5. Enter the body of the message (3). If the message is an SMS, remember to stay under the SMS character limit (153 characters for a single message).

6. Click Send Messages (4).

From the daily manifest

First, navigate to the event’s date in the daily manifest.

1. Locate the event you’re sending a message about.

2. Click the action button.

3. Click Message Group.

Continue from Step 3 in the section above.

From the calendar

First, navigate to Bookings > Calendar in the main menu.

1. Click the date with the event you’re sending a message about.

2. Click the event’s item.

3. Click the event’s option.

4.Click Message.

Continue from Step 3 under the Booking heading above.