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To opt into sending SMS notifications, you first need to enable SMS messaging on your Rezgo account.

There is an additional charge for SMS messaging. See the FAQ below for more details.  

To request that SMS messaging be activated for your account, go to Settings > Notifications.

1. Click Set Up SMS Messaging.

2. Click Activate SMS Messaging for [Company Name]

Our staff will review your request as soon as possible.


1. Why do SMS messages have an additional charge?

SMS messages can’t be sent for free–there are carrier and transit costs associated with sending them. Rezgo uses a trusted partner to deliver your SMS messages to make sure they’re delivered in a safe and timely fashion, and we collect their fees as an additional cost for users who opt in to SMS messaging.

2. How much do SMS messages cost?

Many SMS messages are charged at 1 – 10 U.S. cents, though they can be significantly higher. The rate varies based on the recipient’s location and carrier, and message destinations outside the U.S. and Canada often have higher costs, commonly in the range of 5 to 40 cents.


SMS messages are broken into segments based on length, so longer messages may also be more expensive.

3. How do I see my SMS charges?

Because prices vary, we can’t estimate how much your messages will cost, but we report the data we get from our SMS provider with the SMS Usage Report, found in Reports > SMS Usage. You can monitor this report to know how much you’ll be charged. It will take about a day for SMS charges to show up on the report. The total will change over the course of the month as you send additional messages, so regular monitoring should give you an idea of how much your messages cost.

We strongly recommend that you watch your SMS Usage report especially closely after you set up new SMS notifications or send event notifications via SMS. If the charge is higher than you’re comfortable with, disable SMS notifications so it doesn’t continue to increase.

4. How do I turn off SMS notifications?

To disable SMS notifications, you can delete notifications or edit them to change them from SMS notifications to email notifications. You can also set notifications to inactive if you might want to use them again in the future.


If you want to disable SMS messaging completely, you can do so from Settings > Notifications by clicking Disable SMS.

5. When will I be billed?

You will be billed for SMS messages as part of your regular monthly Rezgo invoice.