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Selectable start times let customers choose the time of their booking from a dynamic list of times that you offer. This is great for rentals, some types of private events, and many other uses.

To set up selectable start times, you need to create an option that uses resource availability.

With resource availability, your option’s availability is determined by the availability of an attached resource, like a room, a staff member, a tour guide, rental equipment, or a vehicle. This is needed for selectable start times, because the availability of time blocks is handled dynamically.

If you’d prefer to let customers book without selecting a date at all, so they can check in any day your business operates, you can use open availability instead.

If you want to offer a variety of set starting times for an option, you can do that with daily availability. To learn how to create an option with daily availability–or any type of option from scratch– click here.

You can find more information on creating resources here.