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If a customer cancels a booking, you can change its status to ‘Cancelled.’ This will prevent you from being charged a transaction fee for the booking, or ensure that the fee is credited back to your Rezgo account.

Please note that cancelling a booking doesn’t refund the customer’s payment. If your payment gateway doesn’t support refunds through Rezgo you will need to process them through your payment gateway’s virtual terminal, PayPal, or manual payment method as required.

If a booking includes active third-party (non-Rezgo) tickets or vouchers, you may need to void them before cancelling the booking.

If you need to change your cancellation window, you can do so in your Rezgo settings.


Change Booking Status

You can cancel a single booking from its booking details page, or cancel multiple bookings by changing their status to cancelled on the dispatch manager or bookings list.


1. Navigate to the booking’s details page.

2. Click the button next to Status, which may say Pending or Received.


This will bring up the Set Status window.

3. Click Cancelled.


– By default, changing a booking’s status will notify the customer of the change if there is an email address associated with the booking. If you don’t want the customer to be notified that the booking has been cancelled, uncheck this box (1).

– If this is an open booking, you can also choose to refund the availability of the booking back to the option in question.


4. Enter a reason for the cancellation for your records (optional).

5. Click OK to confirm that you want to cancel the booking.

This will change the booking’s status to Cancelled.



Refund the Customer

Once you’ve cancelled a booking, you may need to refund the customer. If so, follow the instructions at this link.

Note: Cancelling the booking and adding a negative transaction on the Rezgo back-end doesn’t mean you have actually refunded the money to your customer unless you process the refund with a payment gateway that supports refunds through Rezgo.

If your customer made payment through PayPal or a payment gateway that doesn’t support refunds through Rezgo, you will need to process the refund in your payment gateway’s virtual terminal or through PayPal. If you processed the payment manually, please use your terminal or contact your credit card company in order to process the refund.