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Win Back Lost Bookings With Cart Abandonment Emails


Here at Rezgo, we’d like to help you thrive with a powerful suite of tools designed to make your job easier. Our cart abandonment emails are no exception. Often overlooked, this simple yet powerful feature can help recover lost sales.

Let’s learn more about what cart abandonment is, review Rezgo’s cart abandonment emails and most importantly, discuss how they can help decrease cart abandonment rates. Cart abandonment emails are just one of the many Rezgo features that allow you to focus on the things you love more.

What is cart abandonment?

Cart abandonment happens when a customer shows interest in a product or service and adds it to their cart. Ultimately, for one reason or another, they leave your website before completing the checkout process. This can be a frustrating experience that can leave you scratching your head as to what went wrong. Thankfully, with a few simple steps, your cart abandonment issues can be drastically reduced.

Common reasons for cart abandonment

  • Distractions
  • Lack of payment options
  • Price or shipping costs
  • Website issues
  • Complex checkout process
  • Unclear Cancellation policies


Let’s face it: we’re all leading busy lives, and your customers are no exception! Rope distracted customers back in with a winning cart abandonment email. It may simply be that they forgot to finish checking out.

Lack of Payment Options

Be sure you have your customers’ preferred payment method available. Your customers want convenience, so make sure you have enough payment options.It might be a good time to review the payment settings in your Rezgo account to ensure you are taking advantage of payment methods offered. 


Pricing is one of the most important things to get right, especially for new tour operators. Consider your pricing strategy in relation to competitors. Ensuring your pricing is competitive is a simple way to combat abandoned carts.

Website Issues

Often overlooked in cart abandonment are website issues. Perhaps your website has error codes popping up, or the customer is simply unable to complete the transaction due to a technical issue. It’s a great idea to periodically go through your website’s checkout process as a customer to catch any issues that may be affecting your cart abandonment rates.

Complex Checkout Process

Ensure your website checkout process is easy to perform. A well-designed checkout process – one that works well on mobile as well as desktop – is vital. In order to make a sale, your customers need to feel at ease while shopping your site, so that adding items to their shopping cart feels effortless. Rezgo can help with a checkout designed with industry best practices to increase conversions.

Cancellation Policies

Consider your cancellation policies. Obviously, you want to protect yourself from lost revenue in cancellations, however, having too strict of a cancellation policy can deter your customers from making the commitment to book. Conversely, having a poorly displayed policy probably isn’t doing you any favors. If people can’t quickly find your cancellation policy during checkout, there is a much greater risk of them not completing the checkout process. 

How cart abandonment emails help win back lost sales 

Now that we’ve covered what cart abandonment is and the common reasons it happens, we’re ready to tackle writing a compelling abandoned cart email. From a snappy subject line to engaging copy, your cart abandonment email should contain key information presented in a compelling manner.

Compelling subject line

Young woman thinking

The subject line of your cart abandonment email is the first thing recipients will see, so be sure it is compelling. Here are some simple call to action titles to deploy in the subject line. 

  • There’s still time to claim your deal
  • Did you forget something? 
  • Your items are safe and sound in your cart
  • Only 48h left before your cart expires
  • Your items are waiting
  • Just a reminder — you have items in your cart!

Cart abandonment copy that sells

Users with the best cart abandonment recovery rates are those who have written compelling cart abandonment copy. Be as specific as your software will allow you to be. Tailor the content to contain as many details about the customer and their purchase as you can. 

Personalized email content 

The more personalized your cart abandonment email is, the more successful you will be at recovery. Make sure the customer knows you are thinking of them specifically by including their first name, last name and a link to their cart. 

Company contact info 

It could be simply that the customer has some additional questions to ask before making a purchase. Including a path to customer support with a strong call to action in your cart abandonment email shows that your company is prepared to go the extra mile to make the sale.

Keep it short & simple

Refrain from entering tour descriptions or anything lengthy in your cart abandonment email. At this point it is not necessary to resell the product to the customer. Rather, simply provide a succinct reminder of why they will benefit from your service.

Consider offering a time sensitive discount

While not necessary, it won’t hurt to sweeten the deal. A monetary discount or free shipping incentive could be the nudge needed for your customer to commit to booking.

Get started and win back bookings

Now that you’ve learned about cart abandonment and how to craft engaging cart abandonment copy, you’re ready to create a cart abandonment email that will help increase bookings. This simple yet powerful feature is ready to help you win back abandoned sales. 

Already a Rezgo user? Our Cart Abandonment email feature is ready to start working for you. 


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