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Welcome to ‘Let’s Talk Tourism with Rino Falvo’


If you’re a tour operator who’d like to improve your skills and take your business to the next level, allow us to introduce our new web series, Let’s Talk Tourism with Rino Falvo.

Let’s Talk Tourism is all about helping tour operators like you run your businesses more efficiently and effectively, so you can increase bookings and save yourself some stress. In this series, we’ll cover different topics that can help your business grow. You can look forward to videos on administration, customer service, management, marketing, inspiration, and more.

Our host, Rino, has been working in the travel industry for nearly 20 years, in a wide range of roles: tour guiding, travel agency, tour operations, and now in travel software here at Rezgo. Rino has spent many of those years training and developing tour leaders, running 3-week training programs for new travel agents, and training managers on leadership. You might also notice his passion for wildlife photography. Not only does it let him spend more time outdoors and connect with nature, it lets him bring a little of that beautiful, natural world into these videos. Lucky us!

With such a breadth of training and experience in the tourism industry, Rino has a uniquely broad perspective on travel, and he’s here to share that perspective and experience with you.

In this first video, Rino shares the art of managing expectations. As a tour operator, your goal is to create memorable experiences for your customers. But sometimes things are outside your control. That’s why it’s so important to prepare customers before they arrive to make sure they have an amazing time despite any bumps in the road. Check out the video above to find out how!


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