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Tour and Activity Distribution: A Reality Check


There has been a lot of hype and misinformation about distribution in the tour and activity space lately.  But the truth about tour and activity distribution is very different from what many providers and operators are being told.  In the interests of all providers and those considering a reservation system, I have a written a post that explains the current reality of tour and activity distribution.

To summarize the article, there are currently no meaningful electronic distribution networks for tours and activities.  The networks that exist are generally proprietary and do not produce meaningful revenues for the providers that participate.  That is not to say that revenues will not increase, but for now these built in marketplaces do not produce enough demand to generate revenues for either the resellers or the providers.  Selecting a reservation platform based on electronic distribution capabilities is a short sighted criteria and will, at this point anyway, lead to disappointment.

There are only a handful of distribution networks that produce any kind of meaningful revenues for providers.  I’ve mentioned them in the post for your reference.  If there are any others that you work with that you think should be added, by all means let me know.

Rezgo works with existing sales channels and the current distribution landscape (including the Viator Direct Connect) while providing an infrastructure that can support new electronic distribution partners as they appear.  When it comes to distribution, it’s important to understand the reality rather than base your expectations on biased sales material.

If you have any questions about distribution or the technology trends for tours and activities, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Read the article on Tnooz:


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