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We are here to help if you have questions about Rezgo before joining or need help using Rezgo once you’ve joined.  If we can’t answer your call because we’re away from the phone, then you can submit a support ticket and someone on the Rezgo contact support team will respond.

North America (GMT+7) – 9am – 6pm (M-F)
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In Australia, call our Australia customer service number +61 (2) 8003 4803

In Canada, call our Canada/North America customer service number +1 (604) 983-0083

In Ireland, call our Ireland customer service number +353 (091) 442 441

In Malaysia, call our Malaysia customer service number +60-1548770283

In Europe or the UK, call our UK customer service number+44 (20) 3286 0363

Call our Toll-free customer service number +1 (888) 310-3652

If you really feel the need to send us a letter or package, please use the following address. Before you do though, please consider the environment and send us an email first.

718-333 Brooksbank Avenue, Suite 320
North Vancouver, BC
V7J 3V8