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Rezgo 8.9: Flexible Waivers, Custom Notifications, and More


Rezgo 8.9 is here, with two highly anticipated features: custom notifications by inventory option and per-guest waivers.

We also have more great features for you, so read on for the highlights of this update:

Per-Guest Waivers

Waivers are a vital part of protecting your tour and activities business — that’s why Rezgo includes support for easily collecting and storing them. Rezgo clients use that feature every day, but there’s one thing that would make it better: the ability to collect a signed waiver for every member of a group.

Starting today, you can configure your inventory to require a single waiver signature for a group or individual signatures for each member of a group. Whether that means having guests sign on the spot or emailing waivers out for signature, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Notifications by Inventory

Custom notifications are a popular Rezgo feature, and today, we’ve made them even better with one of our most-requested features: customization by inventory option.

Want to send a different notification to customers or staff for every tour or activity you offer? Now, you can. At Rezgo, we’re committed to giving our clients the flexibility they need, so go ahead and configure as many (or as few) notifications as your business needs.

HTTPS Everywhere

At Rezgo, we put your security and your customers’ security first. We know how important it is to make sure your customers are comfortable throughout the booking experience, so we’ve enabled HTTPS across the board for all front-end Rezgo websites on subdomains.

The Rezgo admin console and checkout were already fully secure, so Rezgo users have been protecting their customers’ data since day one — but now, customers will have the comfort of seeing a secure icon from the moment they arrive at your booking website.

Front-End Price Sheets

Rezgo users have been using price sheets to come up with some impressively creative ways to organize custom pricing for their team members and agents, to track commissions and net-rate agreements, and more. Now, you can take that a step further, applying price sheets to the pricing on your booking website.

Don’t have a large team? Price sheets can still solve your pricing conundrums. With front-end price sheet support, you can easily change prices across all or parts of your inventory, track front-end commissions or net-rate pricing, or manage time-limited discounts.

And More…

Every Rezgo update is packed with small updates and fixes to improve your experience. And coming soon, Rezgo is adding built-in customer protection!

If you have questions or want to suggest a future addition, contact our support team — we’re always happy to hear how we can make Rezgo better for you.


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