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How to Get More Out of Your Company Story


You’ve narrowed down your hero’s journey, sorted out your five Ws, and come up with an outstanding, moving company story. It’s up on your company website’s “About” page. Is that all there is to company storytelling?

Not even close.

Once you have your brand’s story nailed down, you can use it as the foundation of all the ways you communicate about your company.

Content creators and brand ambassadors

Content creators know the value of storytelling — whether they’re YouTubers, streamers or Instagram stars, they’re telling stories all the time. Once you’ve created a compelling brand story, your brand ambassadors will be able to embrace that story, then pass it on in their own ways.

Job postings

A lot of ink has been spilled on the importance of sharing one’s corporate culture through job listings. Utilizing your company’s story can be a much more effective way to let applicants know what to expect than all the “laid back” descriptors in the world. Your values should shine through your story, and applicants will pick up on them.

Public relations

The best press release boilerplates tells a tiny story, but that isn’t the only way your storytelling will help your public relations efforts. Once you know your story, it will shine through your news, drawing the attention of the people who can share it. A solid story gives journalists the information they need to frame your news in their own narratives.


You already know your product descriptions need to be evocative and interesting. One way to do that is to make them part of your brand’s narrative. How is this tour or that activity part of your company’s heroic journey? How is your company able to elevate them in ways that others can’t?


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