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Tracking PPC Campaigns with On-line Bookings

PPC or pay per click can be a very effective way of driving traffic to your website especially if your website does not rank well on Google search results because of high competition for your keywords.  As part of any Google PPC campaign, you will have access to using Google analytics to track your campaign […]
Written By | Rezgo

Social Media Starter Kit by Graham Robertson

This guest post is written by Graham Robertson who currently works as an operations Team Leader for a global online travel company and devotes an obsessive amount of time to following current travel news and trends.  You can follow Graham at his blog, Project Wander, or via Twitter at @Grayum_Ian. Its hard to go online […]
Written By | Rezgo

What Type of Tour Operator Are You?

By clearly understanding what type of tour operator you are, you will be able to tell very quickly whether a tour operator software you are reviewing will meet your specific needs.
Written By | Rezgo

Are You Ready for On-line Bookings?

Your customers are already doing their research and booking online.  In fact, over 70% of travelers do their researching online and more than 50% do on-line bookings as well.  That isn’t just airfare and hotels either, that’s all aspects of travel including travel insurance, car rentals, and tours and activities.  If you don’t plan for […]
Written By | Rezgo

What to Look for in a Web Designer for Your Tourism Website

There are a lot of web designers, some good, many bad, and a bunch in between.  So how do you, as a tour operator, know what to look for in a good web designer?  Well, there are a lot of resources online to help you build a list of questions to ask your prospective web […]
Written By | Rezgo

Designing Your Tour & Activity Website – A Primer

Websites have come a long way in the last fifteen years.  In the beginning (yes there was a beginning for the commercial Internet), there were only very basic browsers with very basic capabilities.  Now, however, browsers are quickly becoming the interface of choice for many web-based applications.  But what does this mean for you as […]
Written By | Rezgo

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