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Engaging with your audience – Keep it simple and relevant

The Engagement phase is the second phase of the four step L.E.A.D. social media strategy and is the first step in connecting and conversing with your potential customers, partners, and vendors. The Engagement phase is all about joining into an existing conversation rather than starting your own conversation. During this step you are beginning to […]
Written By | Rezgo

Engaging with customers with tour operator social media

No special tools are required for the engagement phase, however, I do recommend optional profiles for the purposes of properly branding your comments: – Disqus is a shared commenting system used by many blogs. It allows you to post your comments to Twitter and share them on Facebook from the same profile. This is […]
Written By | Rezgo

Listening Tools to Monitor Your Tourism Social Media

In the previous article, titled “Listening for your brand online“, I mentioned a few monitoring tools that you can use to listen for mentions of your brand or keywords.  I will now go into a bit more detail about each of these tools. Google Alerts If you only use one monitoring tool, Google Alerts is […]
Written By | Rezgo

Use tourism social media to listen for your brand

The Listening phase is the first and, I would argue, the most important step in the L.E.A.D. ™ social media strategy. Like any conversation, listening affords the listener the luxury of understanding the nature of the conversation, the individuals involved, the subject matter, and the direction of the conversation. Listening also provides the listener with […]
Written By | Rezgo

Using Promotional Codes to Drive On-line Bookings

Coupons and promotions have been around for a long time and are commonly used to drive business by providing price incentives.  As a tour or activity operator, there are a lot of ways you can use a promotional coupon to drive new or repeat business to your website.  In the traditional model, a customer would […]
Written By | Rezgo

Measuring Marketing ROI for Your Rack Cards

Every in-destination tourism company (whether it is an attraction, tour operator, or activity provider) prints brochures and rack cards for distribution to tourists.  It doesn’t matter what market you are in, you will find these brochures in the lobbies of hotels, store fronts, and tourist offices.  Hundreds of thousands (perhaps even millions) of dollars are […]
Written By | Rezgo

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