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Mobile booking engine included in Rezgo


Customers are increasingly booking their tours and activities on a variety of devices.  It’s for this reason that Rezgo was designed with a mobile first strategy.  What this means is that the online booking engine provided as part of the Rezgo tour management suite is designed to work on a variety of mobile devices from smartphones to retina display laptops and desktops.

Mobile-first strategy

When we first designed Rezgo, the Internet was a very different place.  Home internet was much slower, computers were not as powerful, monitors were much lower resolution, and smartphones were only just becoming a reality.  The first generation of iPhone, for example, was only released a week before Rezgo first launched.  Who would have guessed that in 7 short years, smartphones like the iPhone and others would account for over 20% of total Internet traffic.

When it came time to rebuild Rezgo for the future, we decided to take a mobile-first strategy and design the system from the ground up with mobile in mind.  We did this because we know that as tour operators and activity providers, you are always on the move and rarely at a desk.  We want to make sure that you can manage your business and that your customers can book with you, no matter where they are or what device they are using.

Responsive by design

Devices now come in a variety of different sizes.  A responsive website adjusts dynamically to fit any screen while changing to allow the best possible user experience for the customer.  The benefit of a responsive design is that you, as a tour operator, need not do anything to support these various devices, the mobile booking engine automatically detects and then adjusts itself to provide the interface required.  Rezgo uses the latest responsive technologies in order to scale fluidly and dynamically for all screen resolutions.  Best of all, this mobile technology doesn’t conflict or interfere with your existing design or layout and will adjust automatically to your design.

Custom mobile design

Rezgo also has customization options designed to allow you to extend your brand to your customer’s mobile experience. If you’re not already using a responsive layout for your website, this option is for you.  The mobile site template, which can be managed in the Templates section of your Rezgo settings, allows you to create a mobile-specific template that is only displayed when the customer views your website on a smartphone or small aspect screen.  Tablets such as iPads or Samsung Galaxy Tabs will show the full website in responsive mode.

If your website isn’t responsive, it won’t scale or change properly in order to fit on a small screen.  By using the mobile site template, you can show your customers a mobile specific site that does not use your full website design.

 Get mobile ready

With a fully mobile-ready booking experience, you will want to consider your own website.  Is your existing website mobile friendly? If not, then you will want to consider building a new site using a responsive design or consider creating a mobile template that can be used with your Rezgo mobile booking website.  Event if you don’t have a mobile template, you can always use the default responsive template provided by Rezgo.  In either case, getting mobile ready should not be difficult or expensive.  The Rezgo mobile booking engine is included in your account at no extra cost.


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